Friday, July 9, 2010

A little weekend reading...

First I must say how utterly excited I am that Forever 21 now has a maternity line!!! It is my favorite store & now that they have kids clothes & maternity clothes, it's just complete!!

Kenny at Smonk You posted about floor beds again this week, which I find so interesting! I'm considering them for our next child. I just love seeing pictures of his little Miloh rolling all over the floor!!

I am neither a man nor very manly, but I love the blog The Art of Manliness!! Check out their post this week on A Man and the Boutonniere. This blog is both helpful & hilarious at the same time somehow. I think it's awesome!

I read several blogs about blogging & one of them is ChurchCrunch. He posted this week about how to use Snagit to capture screenshots on websites. I use something similar to this to get my screenshots, so if you don't know how to do that I'd check it out!!

Eh! Good Looking Baby posted a hilarious video of a song about pregnancy. Pregnant women are smug... You must check it out! I laughed so hard!!

I'm not sure how some of you will feel about this next blog, but I think it's great!! Jesus Needs New PR posts great pictures & videos that will always leave you thinking, "really?!?" Read his About page for more info on him, but check out this post from this week. I laughed a lot at this one as well. My favorite part "I would cry. And I would definitely not let him touch my boat."

Heir to Blair & Enjoying the Small Things both had me crying this week. Blair posted about how PPD no longer has power over her. I am inspired by her humility & strength in opening up about this experience & bringing it to light for so many women. Kelle posted about Down Syndrome & some of her thoughts so far with her daughter Nella. It's not the discussion on Down Syndrome necessarily that had me all emotional with this post, but her perspective on motherhood in general. It is refreshing & inspiring & I absolutely love her blog.

What were you reading this week?

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The Planet Pink said...

The Pregnant Women are Smug is one of my all time favorite videos!

~Lisa~ said...

Forever 21 is a Korean retail store. <3 They have a maternity line!!! I bet its so fashionable and comfy.

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