Friday, July 2, 2010

A little weekend reading...

I look forward to this post all week! I love sharing my finds!! I've also been "sharing" posts through my Google Reader on Google Buzz or whatever it's called. I'm new to this! But if anybody wants to follow those - especially if you use Google Reader already - check out my shared items!

Theta Mom has been on fire this week! She posted her Proud to be a Theta Mom post (which was the inspiration for my own version) & then also posted The 8 Rules of Successful Blogging which I found very helpful!

I don't get excited about too many giveaways, but I am excited about the Petunia Pickle Bottom giveaway at Bleubird Vintage & the Jessica Durrant watercolor giveaway at NYC Island Gal!

You know I love Dear Baby, I've told you many times before, but now her husband Brent & his friend Scotty have started a blog about their lives as stay-at-home dads & it's called The Bjorn Identity - which, by the way, I think is a GENIUS title for a blog! I am so excited about this & Lewis was actually interested as well! They really seem like guys he would get along with!

Adriel at The Mommyhood Memos posted the first of a 3-series post on her top 3 online mom resources! I completely agree with her 3 choices & I can't wait to read what she has to say about them! Read about the Baby Whisperer message boards now!

Smonk You posted more about their experience with floor beds! I think this is such an interesting idea & we are really thinking about it with our next child! I love it when he does Floor Bed Fridays!!

I have gotten way into design blogs & house blogs!! My 3 most recent discoveries are A Dream House for Trish, Hooked on Houses & Nesting Place! I highly suggest you check them out for some great inspiration!!

What were you reading this week??


Gina said...

Well... I am reading your blog. Love it!! I am going to check out some of your suggestions too. Thanks for the ideas.

Island Gal said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing and that definitely counts for the giveaway entries! ;)

Enjoy the weekend!

J. Is A Bird said...

I love the daddy blog, I passed that one on to my husband. Another good daddy blog...


adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

LOVE your weekend reading series, and am finding some great blogs from them. thank you!
(and thanks also for the mention... *grin*)

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