Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm Judging a Contest!!

I was so flattered to receive a request from My Newborn Baby Care to be 1 of 3 judges for a special contest they are hosting! We all know that there is such a debate over breast feeding vs formula feeding. We all know that I am in favor of feeding babies!! I think it's great that they have started this contest so that women can thoughtfully present their reasoning behind making their decision. This way other moms can read the posts & make informed decisions of their own. Hopefully both breast feeding & formula feeding moms will send in their stories! I think it's a great opportunity for conversation & a really fun opportunity for me!! Two prizes will be awarded to the winners for $20 each! 

As a judge (and according to My Newborn Baby Care), we will be looking for "original, well-written, true stories that will be beneficial to parents faced with this decision. Tell us about your decision process, any surprises that you experienced, and your overall satisfaction with your decision"

 Go to My Newborn Baby Care to get more info on the contest & to submit your story about feeding your baby!!

Also, check out the blogs of my fellow judges!!
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Mungee's Ma said...

Cool, I just submitted my story! Thanks!

Paper Tree Design said...

Congratulations on being picked at a judge. Sounds great. You have a wonderful and informative blog. Look forward to your next post - I'm your newest follower! Michelle

Island Gal said...


Mama Hen said...

This sounds neat! I read your post below and wanted to tell you that if you have any questions about student teaching you can e-mail me! I would be happy to help. My e-mail is mamaslittle I know you will do great!

Mama Hen

Asashia said...

Congratulations! I plan on submitting a story this week.

And to piggy back on Mama Hen's comment, you can contact me at with any questions you may have about teaching as well!

Cameron said...

Thank you Mama Hen & Asashia for offering to help me during student teaching. I really will probably utilize that! I'm nervous & excited about it!

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