Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hawaii, OJ & Puberty...Mommy's Piggy Tales #8

Age 11 or 6th Grade

The summer before 6th grade, my family went on a trip to Hawaii. The trip was fairly normal - luaus, sight-seeing, Pearl Harbor, beautiful beaches, etc. The plane ride there was a different story. It was set to begin with one huge plane ride from Atlanta straight to Hawaii, but instead it began with a fuel leak, 2 hours of dumping fuel in the air as we circle the Atlanta airport & then landing again on a runway lined with ambulances & fire trucks. They had stopped all flights into or out of the Atlanta airport & lined the runway with emergency vehicles because they thought our plane was going to literally blow up when we touched down. Apparently planes are made to take off with lots of fuel, but they touch down empty or they blow up. Who knew??

In 6th grade, my parents moved me from a public school to a private Christian high school. I start having a lot more memories from this point on. I remember I had a huge crush on a boy with a major bowl haircut. I remember my friend Peter hit me in the head with his binder. I remember this was the year of the OJ Simpson debacle. I remember wearing plaid skirts with knee socks like Cher on Clueless. This is also the year I started my period. It's the first year I remember starting to get really self-conscious & aware of my awkwardness. It was when puberty started & when girls started really getting mean. I went to Washington, DC for the first time on a school trip. I absolutely loved the song I'll Be by Edwin McCain. I listened to it on my Walkman. It was all pretty fabulous. 

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panamamama said...

Great memories! How scary about the fuel/plane thingy. I didn't know that. I remember when I was about that age my brother and I had flown from the Rep. of Panama, where we lived to Texas to visit my grandparents. They had ambulances at the end of the runway etc. and sandbags and we had to put our heads down. I am still not sure why but I wasn't scared. If that happened now I would FREAK.

Anonymous said...

Cameron, what about when I was driving car pool and Peter B. spit his gum out and it went right in your mouth. Isis is beautiful and I love being able to keep up with her on here I am very proud of you and think that your an awesome mom!!!!! Missy

Olivia said...

A trip to Hawaii was normal?! It sounds like a great year, maybe minus the puberty bit, but I guess that has to come some time. I'm really not ready to deal with that with my oldest!!

Crystal said...

Wow, what an exciting plane ride! Yeah I guess I am not getting the whole why they thought it would blow up, maybe there were other issues they didn't share with everyone so not to cause a panic?? Crazy though. I am not a fan of flying, but around this age was the time of my first flight. I don't know if I ever would've gotten on another plane if this had happened to me!!

Jhen.Stark said...

Knee high socks... YES! Walkman... HECK YES!

So remember those years!

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

Ok, you are making me feel extremely OLD! That's not fair.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Teresa <><

Janna said...

Walkmans!!! I hadn't thought of those in a while.

I'm feeling a lot more sympathetic for jr highers reading all these posts. It really is such an awkward inbetween stage even in the best of circumstances.

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