Monday, July 26, 2010

GroBaby to GroVia AKA I have cloth diaper envy

I have posted several times about cloth diapers & I've particularly shared about how much I love our GroBaby diapers! I have had almost no complaints with them at all. I didn't even really think about the ways they could be improved upon. They've rarely been leaky, they fit her from 7 lbs, they're cute, they are absorbent, they aren't super messy, easy to clean, etc. Just all in all, we have been incredibly happy.

Well, Cloth Diaper Whisperer posted this video today comparing GroBaby with their new & improved version after their company re-launch as GroVia & I must say they are absolute geniuses over there!! The new things they added are so amazing & in my opinion they are all things that I haven't seen any other cloth diaper offer. The main things that I think set GroVia apart from other diapers are:
  • The top part of the soaker pad is made of fleece which is what is used as a stay-dry material in cloth diapers.
  • They added extra PUL material to the back of the soaker so that moisture doesn't even go through to the shell anymore. 
  • They fit tight from 7 lbs & up - great for newborns!!
  • Mesh lining of the shell helps them dry quick if they do get wet - less than 2 hours & no stink!

All in all I think they are an absolutely fabulous diaper & I highly recommend them!
Go see for yourselves!!

Do you use cloth diapers??
Which ones are your faves?

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Mrs. G said...

Thanks for sharing!! I'm of no help to you since I don't have kids yet, but this helped me out!! =) I have been heavily researching cloth diapering for a couple of months, and am feeling more and more inclined to go with that option when I have babies. Besides being eco-friendly, what made you decide to go this route?

Cameron said...

Oh wow there were so many reasons we wanted to use cloth! One of the main ones for us was price. Since I wasn't going to be working for the majority of my daughter's first 18 months, we knew that cutting down on cost was a huge consideration. GroVia actually has a package called GroVia Live. We got one of those along with 2-3 extra sets of just the shell & soakers from a couple of friends, so a total of 15 shells & 27 soakers along with a bunch of boosters & that's all we've needed. Less than $500 total cost. Compare that to the more than $1,000 PER YEAR that most people spend on disposable & we've majorly come out ahead. I also chose GroBaby because they are one size fits all, so they will fit her until she is potty-trained. So the cost was a HUGE influence!

Cameron said...

Oh, here's a link to the package I'm talking about -

Liz said...

I never did and I never had any real thought about trying them. It seems like they have some really great cloth diapering products, though.

Funky Mama Bird said...

I found this line after we had all our supplies - but I love it. Baby #2 will most likely be wearing these!

We use gDiapers and Twinkletoes here and love them both!

J. Is A Bird said...

I'm glad to see more people cd'ing. However, although I consider myself a Crunchy Mama, this is the one area I fail in.

I don't CD but I do use alt diapers, like gDiapers or 7th Gen. I do feel a bit less guilty though because my daughter started potty training early. At 23 months she's probably 50 to 60% using the potty vs using her diaper.

Always exciting to see other parents getting into "greening" their baby.

Mama Smors said...

I have cloth diaper envy..... I love them but I just don't think I can do them as a working mommy. What are your thoughts on that, Cameron?
I worry about...
* asking my babysitter to do them
* having WAY too much extra laundry
* caving and going to disposable after I spend all the money

Fill me in... I only have 6 weeks until Tula arrives!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

mmmmm, those really do look great, especially the extra pul at the back of the soaker. it looks like a huge size difference between the older version and the newer. i wonder how the bumgenius measure up? the bumgenius also has that tab to stick the velcro too so that they don't get damaged, stick to each other, etc. i was given 6 bumgenius and then won 15 more... so i had my brand chosen for me. (and they are $38 each diaper in australia so i was luuuuuky!) so far so good!

@mama smores, cameron has lots more experience than me... but my friend got me a starter kit first (with 6) so that i could make sure i liked them before going "all the way". also, i started out with disposables because i was too overwhelmed with all the rest of new mommyhood to add the extra laundry in at the beginning. i can handle it now though... i think. :) as for your babysitter... maybe you can get the biodegradable, flushable disposable liners for when the babysitter is over??

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

p.s. that photo... are you kidding me? i want to munch on your baby!

Cameron said...

I emailed MamaSmors a HUGE response to her question, but the short version is this:
*Make it really easy for your babysitter to use cloth if they say they're willing to try. A large PlanetWise wetbag is working for us. She just throws the diapers in there & zips it shut - no stink, no mess. I don't expect her to clean.

*I also agree with Adriel about maybe using something with a flushable or disposable insert like gdiapers.

*I have not found there to be too much more laundry. 1 large load every 2-3 days. I wash on hot w/ an extra rinse - 1 scoop of Tiny Bubbles detergent. Dry the soakers in the dryer & hang the shells to dry on a rack.

*I was scared I wouldn't like the cloth right before Isis was born, but I've been even happier than I expected! No complaints or desire to switch to completely disposable.

And Adriel - I don't know how Bumgenius compares to GroVia, but I've heard good things about BumGenius as well! Those are the 2 brands I hear a lot about!

Amy said...

Cameron, you're like this fountain of cloth diapering knowledge! I love it! I have made no decision on cloth diapers or not, but this was great to know. Since obviously registering is on my mind....did you register for cloth diapers?

Cameron said...

I did register for cloth diapers!!

I highly recommend them, although they are not the only place online that you can register for cloth diapers. But I did have a great experience with them! Fast shipping, great customer service!

Kara@ Creations by Kara said...

Wow, cloth diapers have sure come a long way! And oh my goodness your baby is adorable!! :)

Ellie Tat said...

Thanks for letting me know about your post, it's great to know about the new GroVia features.

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