Sunday, July 4, 2010

Go UK!!!

Ok, so until now I haven't shared where I live or what my last name is. I'm still not telling you my last name or where I specifically live, but this is too cool to not share. (And by the way, if you show up at my house trying to steal my kid, I will bludgeon you with a bat.)

Anyway, you know how if you start typing something in to Google, it will pull up the top phrases that are usually searched for that begin with what you've typed so far. Today, I was typing a question & it started with "is..." Well, these are the top things that are searched for that begin with "is..."
Do you see all that John Wall & Demarcus Cousins stuff? Well, I go to UK. My husband graduated from UK. We aren't necessarily the most faithful UK fans like you see on TV, but most of my friends are & my cousins are & if you live anywhere near UK - anywhere in the state, really - you are by default a UK fan. So I welled up with some MAJOR pride when I saw that!! 

Can I also tell you that from 1998 to 2009, UK had 5 first round draft picks in the NBA (Mohammed, Padgett, Magloire, Prince, Rondo) and then we had 5 this year (Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Bledsoe, Orton)!!!

That's impressive. Go Cats!!

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hannah said...

My husband and I are also from Kentucky! We went to Transy, but we are still UK fans, of course.

We live in Arizona now, and being a UK fan is almost more important. When they're playing (mostly basketball, but football too), it makes us feel like we haven't entirely abandoned our roots, and we have something to talk about with all our Kentucky people.

Cameron said...

How fun!! I love finding new UK fans!!

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