Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forums...31DBBB Day #9

The task for today in the 31DBBB challenge is to join a forum & start participating. Well, I already do this!! I love forums. I really love discussing & connecting with others as well as having a great place to get some advice! As a new mom, I find myself with lots of questions! Here are my favorite forums right now:

Of course, the SITS community on BlogFrog
I am loving Adriel's new Oh Baby! community on BlogFrog
I participate in my own Ingenue Mom community on BlogFrog
I've found the Teaching Your Baby to Sleep forum on Babycenter is really helpful!
The Babywise forum on Babycenter has also been a great resource for me!

The forums provide great resources for community, but also for finding ideas for blog topics! You can see what others in your niche are talking about. I actually never link to my own blog in forums unless I'm asked to or I feel it's really relevant. I really am trying to build relationships with people & I feel like if they like what I have to say, they'll check out my blog on their own. 

What are your favorite forums?

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Liz said...

BlogFrog - which isn't working this morning - is such a great place to interact and build relationships! Thanks so much for the shout and I'm glad you visit my community!

The Planet Pink said...

I really enjoy Blogfrog for blog related community! I also think Facebook is a great way to get your friends and family reading what you're writing (if you want them to!).

Gina said...

Why do I not understand BlogFrog? I am usually pretty quick... but I think I need a tutor. Anyway... while I am trying to figure it out, I thought I would join your community. :-)

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