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Twilight and Breaking Dawn Movie

Maybe it was the new director, maybe it was Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, maybe it was that after the first 2 I was just used to them being bad that anything better would seem like major improvement, but I absolutely LOVED Eclipse! I loved that it was a little more dark & scary vampires rather than cheesy & stupid vampires without being completely violent & disgusting vampires (like True Blood which I can't handle). I liked that it showed the back stories of Jasper & Rosalie without being all smoky & grainy like the other movies. I liked that their eyes were distinctly red, brown or black, but normal looking & not crazy like New Moon & not too subtle like Twilight. I guess I've gotten used to the bad acting, too because it didn't bother me - although I was still aware of it. The wigs were still bad & Kristen Stewart still just makes me feel generally awkward & embarrassed. But overall I really really loved it & for the first time after seeing a Twilight Saga movie, I left the theater feeling really excited!

So way to go David Slade & cast. I definitely recommend this one.
(Although I still think you HAVE to read the books before seeing the movies because even though I liked this one, it was nothing in comparison to the books.)

What did you think of it?


Emily said...

I felt the same way MUCH better, however I liked the old Victoria more and I don't know what wigs your talking about?

JoJo said...

I agree completely with your review!

Cameron said...

Bella & Rosalie both wear wigs in the movie & they look bad in my opinion. Rosalie's is better than Bella's. Bella's in the beginning of the movie is super obvious. But by the end of the movie in the meadow, you couldn't tell as much at all.

Sugar Mama said...

Alice's wig drives me crazy, but I lover her character. Bella actually doesn't bother me so much because she, to me, acts just like Bella in the book; an awkward & different girl. I enjoyed this one as well and look forward to the next two!

Oh, and I'm completely with you on Robert Pattinson.

Tiffany Lamb said...

Wow, I thought I was the only person in the world who thought the first two movies were bad. I admit, I am a Trueblodd fan.... but I just didn't like the first two Twilights... not because of liking Trueblood.

I look forward to seeing Eclipse if you say it is better. Because even if I didn't like the first two... I've seen half the story and have to complete it lol.

Cameron said...

I watched the first season of True Blood, but I had a hard time with it. It was just way too much blood & violence. I mean, honestly, True Blood is probably more realistic about vampires, but I realized after watching it that I prefer the young adult versions of vampires (like Twilight & Buffy). When somebody got staked in True Blood, I got totally grossed out! haha

The Planet Pink said...

Word. To all of it. Well, actually I DID miss the old Victoria. But I HATED Rosalie's wig (but I hated her eyebrows in contrast with her wig more). I MUCH preferred the action, and liked how it felt less graphic than I expected. To me Kristen IS Bella, so the acting is alright for me. Overall - two thumbs up!

Traci said...

Oh my gosh. I sooo agree! The acting has always made me feel embarrassed. Like they couldn't get anyone good enough to ever play them. Kristin (Bella) didn't make me nervous this movie. Maybe she got better. I don't know. But in New Moon I couldn't stand how I just couldn't believe that she was in as much pain as the book depicted. She wasn't believable at all. She's the one I can't stand the most. But she seems like the only Bella now. I also wasn't looking so much at the wigs. So, maybe it wasn't as noticeable this time. Great review!

MultipleMum said...

I scrolled tentatively down your post. I am half way through the book and didn't want you to give away the plot. Phew!

I agree with you about the book vs movie thing. Hated the first 2 Twilight movies (haven't seen Eclipse) - don't get me started on the acting credentials of the cast (puke) but am sure digging the books. At this point in my reading I am still hoping Jacob gets the girl but methinks this is not going to happen?

But I am a bit of a vampire lover from way back. Buffy (love), True Blood (love, love) and now Twilight. What can I say? I am a sucker :)

Crystal said...

I thought the old Victoria was scarier, this one just didn't fit the part, she wasn't 'evil' enough for me! I don't know if I thought it was better then the other two, it had highs and lows, but I definitely was happier with how it stuck to the books more then I felt the first 2 did, it got in all the important moments I wanted to see on screen. And I was surprised they worked the back stories in, happily surprised! Overall, yeah I will be seeing it one more time before it disappears from theaters, and I look forward to having it at my fingertips and forcing my hubby to watch it with me!

Dawn said...

Im not reading this because I dont want to know anything until I see it, which sadly wont be until it comes out to DVD!

But I fricking LOVE twilight!

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