Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Baby: Analyzed! ... 31DBBB Day 4

Today's task for the Problogger 31DBBB challenge is to analyze a top blog in your niche. I am pretty much in love with the Dear Baby blog. She writes about her new baby, Everly & all of their experiences as first time parents! She started this blog as a separate place from her personal blog where she could chronicle her pregnancy. She loves all things vintage, her hubby Brent & she is clearly enamored with being a new mom. I think it would be impossible to not get excited about having kids after reading her blog! It just puts a smile on your face.

She doesn't talk about anything controversial really - nothing political related to babies. She shares her experience & her perspective, but she is clear to be respectful & kind when it comes to the fact that others could have different perspectives on babies & parenting. I believe her most powerful asset is her writing style. It's so natural & poetic & it just flows perfectly. Even longer posts are incredibly easy to read. You can tell she is in love with life & I find that inspiring. I can tell that people love reading about her vintage finds & I'm sure everyone loves her Letters to Everly.

Her design is really simple. She has everything down to the bare essentials & it works perfectly. She only offers Twitter & RSS as subscription options, although she is a Tumblr blog, so you can easily follow if you use Tumblr. I don't see any advertisements on her blog, so I'm not sure if she even does any monetization. She does reviews & giveaways & is getting things for free to review. According to Alexa, her blog is rising in users & pageviews. She usually posts at least once per day.

Things I think I can learn from Dear Baby:
Post great pictures: Her pictures are so beautiful & edited really well, but they have a unique feel to them.
Use my unique voice: It is never a good idea to copy anyone's voice from their blog, but I think one of the things that draws people to Dear Baby is that they can tell who she is from her writing. You can identify with her & you can tell that she is being authentic.
Be genuine: Another thing I think people really love about her blog is that you don't feel like she's faking anything. You feel like she is who she is & she's just sharing it with the world.
Find joy in life: There is nothing more attractive in a blogger or a person in general than someone who finds the beauty & joy in their life. Each life is unique, so we can all find the things that make our lives wonderful.
Be simple: I don't have to use a lot of words or a lot of pictures or a lot of stuff to share something great with my readers. Sometimes less is more.

I'm really looking forward to seeing who you all chose to analyze! 
I love finding new great blogs to read!!

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Liz said...

What a great compliment to her! I find that the blogs I love most are the ones I can "hear" speaking to me in my head. Ya know, like so much of their personality comes through that they could be sitting next to me having a real life conversation.

Amy said...

Cameron, get this. I know Melissa PERSONALLY. Seriously. We've known each other since middle school. We haven't really interacted since maybe high school. (We went to different high schools.) So, I feel like I've gotten to re-know her through her blog. I love Dear Baby too. It's cool to see her now as a woman. I remember being in school with her as a girl and thinking how smart she was.

Crazy huh? I agree, we have lots to learn from her beautiful blog. I have another blog I'm assessing today. Get this, I KNOW HER PERSONALLY TOO! Ahhhh! No pressure. ;-)

I got your email reply. I'll respond as soon as I'm done with my post.

Cameron said...

Liz I completely agree! Easy to read & relate to is a great plus for me.

Amy - that is so cool!! I feel like you're so lucky. I'm guessing you live in NC then. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in NC. I have always been interested in living there - honestly ever since reading The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - but then reading Melissa's blog has just sparked it even more!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

This is a really great review Cameron. And I totally agree - that her writing style is so personal and sweet and genuine. I really like it too. It's no wonder it's your favorite.

Mama Smors said...

just looked through this blog and LOVE it!!! little everly is so cute :) it is great to read blogs that inspire us!

Amy Sullivan said...

I had never been to Dear Baby before, but wow really great pics! Good post.

Lucy said...

Now I'm excited to check out Dear Baby. You did a good job *selling* this blog, even though I knew it wasn't your intention! I also learned a few things. Thanks for sharing your analysis.

Elizabeth said...

Nice review. I'm always studying some of the blogs I follow and I've found the ones I like the most are simple in design. I'm in the craft/homemade/cupcake niche so I like to include my favoriter bloggers buttons. It's my way to share the love for giving me so much inspiration. Good luck on the rest of the #31DBBB :)

cheekymama said...

What a lovely review, you really made me want to check out her blog. Also fab tips you've done in your analysis. You're so right, sometime less is more.

came via SITS

from Babes about Town

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

great review and you did a great job analyzing a blog in your niche! (talk about getting an A+ on your task!)

Daenel said...

Hey, visiting on the recommendation of Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman ( and she's right, great post. I always tell people when they're first starting out to try to find their voice. If people write the way they talk, it often helps with authenticity. Again, great post.

Sporty Mama Says said...

Absolutely inspirational, thank you so much.

PS - nominated you for an award back to ya!

~ Simone

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