Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cinnamon Allergy?

Apparently Isis has an issue with cinnamon. We started putting it in her rice cereal because she liked it a lot better with it in there! We never noticed any sort of allergy problem. No change in breathing, BMs, tummy trouble or anything, but we started to notice this faint pink around her mouth after she'd eat it. We didn't think a lot of it because the food gets all over her anyway, we just thought maybe it was something about the way she was eating. Then, the other day, we bought some new cinnamon because we ran out of our old. It was sort-of old anyway. I mean, still fine in terms of being okay to eat, just not as potent as new cinnamon. Well, the new cinnamon caused problems. Still no tummy or BM changes, but the faint pink around her mouth got more red & went down her neck a little - it went anywhere that the cinnamon had touched - her hands, arms, etc. Here's a picture, although it's kinda hard to see - I took this with my iPhone.

But we started looking it up & called some people & apparently cinnamon is a really common skin irritant for babies because their skin is more sensitive. Almost all of the ones who it bothers as babies grow out of it & it's not technically an allergy because it doesn't bother them inside like a food allergy, just topical, like it burns their skin a little. The way it was described to me was like a citric acid kind of thing. I had never heard of that & had no idea that cinnamon could do that!!

Needless to say, for right now, we aren't putting cinnamon in anything she's eating

Have any of you encountered this problem?
What kind of food allergies or topical irritants have you come across with your kids?

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Crystal said...

We had that happen with Natalie. We didn't give her cinnamon until she was almost 2 and was feeding herself applesauce, but like you said, anywhere the food had touched was flaming red! It happened a few times before we caught on. Now though she is fine with cinnamon, in fact she loves it!

Donda said...

I had never thought about adding cinnamon to baby cereal so I definitely wouldn't have made that connection. My oldest daughter had an intolerance to cows milk that caused the same type of rash that your baby has.

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! I'm popping by as part of the 31DBBB blog hop! What you're describing sounds like a skin sensitivity. It's probably a very common one for a baby. When my daughter was a baby, she couldn't eat many different things because she couldn't digest them properly. Luckily, by a year old, she outgrew a lot of this. She IS allergic to tree nuts though (particularly cashews and walnuts) and can't eat those. The one time she ate a cashew, she swelled up horribly, had hives, choked, etc. A very nasty allergy.

JoJo said...

Wow, I never knew that before, but it's a good thing to be informed about!

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