Monday, July 5, 2010

Beaba Babycook!

I got the Beaba Babycook last week & I was so excited to start using it!! I bought some frozen organic peas & frozen organic sweet potatoes from Whole Foods & was super pumped to make Isis' meals for the week! I love that everything is in the same container & you just dump the food from the basket down into the part with the blades when you're ready to puree. 

We started with the peas. You put water in the steamer part on the left & then you put a little more water in the bottom of the bowl on the right. It will defrost & then cook your food. Then you dump it out of the basket it's in - you can't really see that, my pictures aren't zoomed or anything - & you puree in the bowl.

Here are the sweet potatoes diced & cooked & in the bottom of the bowl to be pureed.

Then we pureed them! You can see the dial on the left. You point it toward the left to defrost, reheat or cook & you point it to the right to puree.

I also got 2 freezer trays that each hold 7 2-oz servings of food. I used 1 cup of peas & 1 cup of sweet potatoes. As you can see, I got 3 2-oz servings & 1 1-oz serving of peas (7 oz total) & 4 2-oz servings & 1 1-oz serving (9 oz total) of sweet potatoes! My frozen bags of food cost about $3.00 & I used about half of each bag. So for $3.00 total, I got 9 servings of baby food! That's a great deal in my book when compared to the $0.80 jars of baby food that's already prepared. I saved quite a bit already! (Except I bought the Beaba Babycook, but when we compared how much we'd save over the several kids we want to have, it was way worth it.)

I love it!!! You could, of course, just boil & then use a food processor to make your own baby food. We just chose to go this route. Thanks to Asashia at A Practical Mom, Jackie at Ready Set Read & The Planet Pink all commenting on my recent post about solids, I'm going to be checking out a couple of Annabel Karmel baby food books & I'm going to use the Wholesome Baby Food website!

Any other suggestions for making your own baby food?
And more than that - any suggestions for how you introduced solids? Isis doesn't seem to love them that much & even when she does, she doesn't eat a lot of them. She really prefers to just eat a lot of breastmilk. I think she fills up on breastmilk & then isn't really hungry for solids. When does that change??

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Lynzy said...

I need one of these, BADLY!

Come enter my giveaway!
xo Lynzy

Cluttered Brain said...

That machine is sweeeet!!
i don't have a use for it now, no babies but that is terrific you got your hands on one!

whitneydargle said...

That baby food maker is amazaballs! I want know, for later, when I have a bebe! I have no idea about the solid food sisters in law sort of just seemed to be in situations where they didn't have any other food other than solid (they are not super at planning ahead). They would say things like, "I wonder if Carter would eat some ___________?" Then they would just give it to them.

Sugar Mama said...

As far as solid foods; with my daycare kids (and my own kids eons ago) I just laid a few pieces of solid food on their tray while I cook & prepare the other food. Maybe they'll eat it & maybe they won't. But it allows them to get used to seeing it, touching it, and possibly putting it in their mouth & getting used to the texture.

Maria said...

So glad you have it and are getting a chance to use it. I just think it's fantastic! That cookbook has some awesome recipes in it!

Mama Hen said...

this looks great! I wish I had one of those when Little Chick was younger! Iused to make al of her baby food. Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

Cameron, I am 42 and I made my own baby food for my son.. Not all the time.. I loved it.. I love the feeling of eating something you make yourself.. They did not have that cool little thing when I was a new mom... LOL

Jill said...

Your blog is beautiful!! I LOVE the design!! So glad I found it.

I loved the Beaba while my son was on purees. Made me feel like a domestic godess for the first time ever! I got a couple of recipe books that were helpful for puree ideas. I think one of the is Top 100 baby purees but I'm sure you can easily find online.

My pedia recommended I start w/a few ounces of milk so my son wasn't ravenous, then trying a little bit of food. We started with avocado and banana. They tend to like sweet better so start w/a veggie. peas, carrots, sweet potato, squash are popular. Once you've tried the basics and determine allergies, you can mix. My son is 10 months now and still prefers milk but eats a whole lot more...and solids! Alot more difficult to conceive meals when they eat "real" food.


The Planet Pink said...

I'm quite jealous. That was on my list of must-haves for Princess #4. Never got it unfortunately, but I'm glad to hear it's a keeper!

As for introducing solids, it just takes time. Is she still tongue thrusting when you put the food in her mouth? If so, you're just going to have to be patient. Otherwise, just keep trying. At her age, solid food is only for experimentation, her main nutrition still comes from milk. So you are right to nurse her first. With my princesses, I just chose whichever meal I thought I'd like to phase out of nursing first (usually lunch) and that was when we'd focus on trying food. I'd nurse the full amount and then sit them in their seats and "practice". Babies that age don't equate a full tummy with not wanting solids, so just keep trying. Eventually she'll start swallowing more and more and I think you'll naturally be able to cut back on the nursing. It's a very gradual process. For what it's worth, my babes never cared for the rice cereal, so I just used it to thicken up the baby food. It's still important for their iron intake.

Good luck! (wow, sorry this is long!)

Sandra said...

Isis? That's your daughter's name? OMG I need to have another baby pronto so I can use that name, that's beautiful! As for breastfeeding over eating, don't sweat it, just enjoy it (as long as she isn't leaving any teeth marks). I had one baby who didn't even do babyfood. Ever. She breastfed exclusively until she could pick up a french fry (I know, french fries, right, supermom here!) Oh, I loved it when I had're so lucky to still be in that phase of your life...I could troll your site for pics of her now!

Asashia said...

Hey Cameron---sorry I'm late on this! I got my solid food info from the Wholesome Baby Food site as well as I did wait until 6 months but my Little Bit was still tongue thrusting, which can slow things down. I'd say just remember to go slow and she'll pick it up when she's ready. After all, she does have a lifetime of solid foods ahead of her---I had to learn this myself.

Cameron said...

Several of you have mentioned the tongue thrusting. She's still kinda doing that, so you're right that's probably slowing us down a little. Thank you so much for all your great advice! I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who had a baby that didn't just go nuts for the solids right away!!

mamahood said...

this thing looks sooo amazing!!! I wish I knew about it with my first two....if we have another I will definately be getting this!!!

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