Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday: 10 Favorite TV Shows

This will later lead into my 30 Days of Television posts coming up in August, but these are my 10 Favorite TV Shows that are currently on the air! They are not in any order.

What are your 10 favorite TV shows currently on the air?

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Jessica P. Wallin said...

Modern Family
True Blood
Breaking Bad
Doctor Who
The Middle

missykade said...

Found you through FMBT would love to have you return the favor : )
Lucas's Journey with Sensory Processing Disorder

Becky@whatslifewithoutwhimsy said...

Warehouse 13
The Big Bang Theory
The Middle
American Pickers
Pawn Stars
Deadliest Catch
Top Shot

Following from Tuesday Tag along

The Planet Pink said...

Hmmm... that's tough. Not sure if I have 10 current favorite shows...

Modern Family
The Office
Better Off Ted (is this still on?)
Make It Or Break It (cheesy, I know)

that's all I can think of right now...

mamahood said...

Grey's Anatomy
Vampire Diaries
Son's of Anarchy
The Menalist
Desperate Housewives

I need two others....I am going to start watching True Blood so that will probably be added to the list!

Lisa said...

Thank-you for the follow.
I am following your awesome blog back. Great job.
Have a great week.

Mommycrat said...

I didn't think I could do ten - I was right. I managed nine:

Vampire Diaries
The Good Wife
Gossip Girl
Life Unexpected
Melrose Place (is this even back next year?)
White Collar

I get to 10 if I count Dollhouse - but that ended mid-season last year. Poor Joss Whedon just hasn't felt the love since Buffy :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I'm back to return the favor! Thanks for following me, now I'm your latest follower! Looking forward to reading great posts from you and hope to see you back in my blog ( I'm a full-time mummy )

Btw, other than House and Grey's Anatomy, I loved watching How I Met Your Mother too! :D

Christine said...

Top Chef
Parks and Recreation
The Office
Law and Order CI
Law and Order
Law and Order SVU
Modern Family
30 Rock

I am stuck on the last one-lol!
I am following you now...

blueviolet said...

I'm not even sure I watch 10 shows on tv! That's awful, isn't it?

Sugar Mama said...

I don't think I have 10:

- Modern Family
- The Office (last season with Steve Carrel)
- Cougar Town
- Vampire Diaries
- So You Think You Can Dance
- Parenthood (that became my FAVE show last season)

tenenda said...

following back. and honestly i dont have 10 favourite shows, but heres a few:

the hills,
the bachelorette
diners, drive-ins and dives,
i liked big bang theory but i cant find it on tv ever. lol
i guess i dont watch tv much!!
thanks for following me! i'll be back soon!

Jhen.Stark said...

-19 Kids and Counting (VERY GUILTY PLEASURE)
-The Office
-Make It Or Break It ('cause I'm a 15 yr old girl at Heart)
-Parks and Rec
-Flight of the Concords
-Color Splash
-The Big Bang Theory (secret crush on Sheldon)
-Three and a Half Men

Cori said...

Great shows!! Your list is pretty close to what mine would be :) I too enjoy 19 kids and counting!

Thanks again for stopping by my blog! I'm a follower of yours now too!


Happy Tuesday!!

Tracy F. said...

I am following you from FMBT. Love your blog!


My favs are:
NCIS: Los Angeles
Criminal Minds
White Collar
In Plain Sight

With our best said...


Follow Tuesday! I wanted to let you know I am now Following YOU! Great blog, I can't wait to read more!

Plz take a look and follow back at

Emily said...

In no order
Modern Family
Project Runway
The Office
LOVED Lost, Flashforward, & Ugly Betty but now there gone :(

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I watch a lot of E! & Food Network, but I love Cougar Town & Big Bang & Modern Family.

Kimberly said...

I watch most of those shows... looking forward to catch up on One Tree Hill this summer... for some reason they didn't have the new season here in Canada... I miss it!
I am now following you...
All the best,

Punken said...

Found you through FMBT and Blog Bash and I now following through blog luvin'! I read you post to newbie bloggers and there is some great stuff there I may follow:)

I agree with about half of you to 10 list this week:)

Neccie's Creations said...

i like bones as well. Following you back thanks for following me.

QueenB said...

stopping by from tuesday hops


i like: how i met your mother
2 1/2 men
big bang theory
secret life of american teen

Kelsey Kim said...

Following you back from Tg along tuesday! I think my favorite shows are:
30 rock,
The Office
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory
How I Met your Mother

I'm sure there are some more, but having abrain fart right now!!

The Florida Hogans said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I absolutely love One Tree Hill, Modern Family, and Greys!

Crystal said...

I don't think I watch 10 shows all currently on air, but here is my list of favs (some not)
Gilmore Girls
Law & Order SVU & Criminal Intent
Next Food Network Star
Worst Cooks in America
The Next Iron Chef
So pretty much my TV is on Food Network or USA! Though some of those shows I only keep up with via season DVDs- with 2 kids either I miss it or it is on too late and I am too tired!

Owen's Mom said...

Ooo... Eureka, Warehouse 13, Vampire Diaries, Bones, NCIS, Good Eats... and maybe a few others.

Thanks for the follow. I am hear following back!

chubskulit said...

I love grey's anatomy! Thanks for the visit, following you too.

Andrea said...

I'm following you back! Thanks for stopping by!


Amanda said...

Following you back!!!! :)


ethnically ambiguous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today from FMBT. You 10 on Tuesday posts are cool.
In to particular order my favorite are:
Rescue Me
Sons of Anarchy
Meet the Browns
Ace of Cakes
Dinner Impossible
Yo Gabba Gabba
Gavin and Stacy
Clean House

Firefly said...

Following you Back!

ON the TV right now? White Collar!
All I can say is Matt Bomer as the bad boy gone good, it doesn't hurt that hubby loves it too.

JoJo said...

I with you on Gossip Girl then I'm a reality TV whore all the way!

Holly said...

Thanks fro swinging by 504 Main...following you back. I am so happy there are so many networks that give us such great new shows!...
My faves
Gossip Girl
Law and Order (all of them)
Criminal Minds
Americas Next Top Model (I will admit it!)
Amazing Race
I cannot remember anymore right now!

LakeMom said...

Thanks for the follow!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

um, LOVE the big bang theory and LOVE modern family. my husband is totally phil. hahahahaha..... my fave was when he was talking about being "down with all the text lingo... lol, wtf (why the face?)" had me almost in tears. why the face has totally worked itself into our family vocabulary now. LOVE! :D

Sara Cart said...

Sorry it took so long for me to come over. It's been a long week. NEwho, I'm a new follower and 10 shows are:
Deadliest Warrior
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Billy the Exterminator
Most Evil
Worlds Dumbest...
Police Woman of...

Terra H. said...

Thanks for becoming a follower via Tuesday Tag-Along. I am now a follower of yours. House is a favorite of mine as well. A couple others I really like are America's Next Top Model and True Blood.

Jill said...

10! OMG. I hate to be that person who says I never watch t.v. but I really don't and when I do, it's crap. Here's what I DVR:

The View
The City
The Hills
America's Next Top Model
Top Chef
Project Runway

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