Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stripping Cloth Diapers

(Taken with my phone - seriously, who can help me get a new camera?)
First of all let me just say that I am still incredibly pleased with my cloth diapers. I feel like I have to be on the defensive sometimes when I discuss cloth diapers because so many people thought we were just crazy to make this decision. I still feel like some people are waiting with an "I told you so" on the tip of their tongue. So as a major positive to begin this post with, I've discovered something new I love about the cloth diapers!

We went on a little trip last weekend to my cousin's wedding. We had a 6 hour car ride to get there. We decided to use disposable diapers on this trip because it just seemed easier on a short trip. So on the way down there, we had the most horrible, disgusting blowout we have ever had!! I noticed a faint smell of poop, so I told Lewis to pull over at the rest stop ahead so I could change her diaper. Well, as I go to get her out of the carseat I feel something wet on my hands when I reach around her, but it wasn't pee - it was poop all the way up to her shoulders!! How does that even happen?? Worst part was - that wasn't the only time it happened. Poop continually shot out the top of her diaper all weekend including the car ride home! It was not my favorite. I've never had that problem with the cloth diapers because they have elastic around the back and around the legs. I rarely have blowouts even with her apparent explosive tendencies. So yay for cloth!!

Now, not so yay about cloth...she's been getting a weird diaper rash lately on her actual butt cheeks rather than in the crack (not really sure how else to put that). So I knew it was probably something with the diapers. After a little research online, I've figured out it's probably detergent residue on the diapers because I didn't know we had to use the highest setting of water every time we wash them. (Whoops) So we've been stripping our diapers today. I washed them like normal at first (with the highest setting of water), then I washed them again with no detergent. Then we rinsed about 4 times. They're in the dryer right now. I'm hoping this works, but if it doesn't, I may be enlisting the help of some cloth diaper experts at Cloth Diaper Whisperer or Gro-Via where I actually got the diapers.

Has anybody else had this problem with cloth?
Or has anyone has the blowout problem with the disposables?


TMB said...

I love your blog =) Following you via MBC! ... and cloth diapers are cute but not for me lol my mom wanted me to use them but I said no thanks hehe

Cameron said...

They definitely aren't for everybody! It's funny your mom tried to get you to use them - my mom & mother-in-law tried to talk me out of them!! haha

Mama Hen said...

What a great blog! I am a new follower from MBC! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Southern States! said...

Look at that sweet angel! Your blog is Fabulous thanks for stopping by mine as well!

Jenny said...

Hey! It's Jenny mostad and we have had this problem of blowouts SO many times with disposables and never with cloth. And I've also had to strip my diapers-I rinsed them in the hottest setting then the coldest then again and that worked amazing for us!

Mama Hen said...

Lindsey is great! your bloog is adorable! I would love for you to come and enter my first giveaway! I am really excited about it, because it is a book that I think everyone should have in their home. Especially with children. Come and enter! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

Boy am I tired! I hate typos! Your bloog! He, he, he! Anyway, your blog is adorable!

Mama Hen

mommanerd said...

I haven't tried cloth diapers, but I see the merits of them. If they are cheaper, I might try them. Not sure...


Nicole said...

Just found your blog via twitter. Thanks for sharing. I started cloth diapers this week and disappointed that some many friends are waiting for us to fail too. No support :(

SO far we love them


Nicole said...

PS we had a natural childbirth too!!! Just now reading over the rest of your blog :)

Mama Smors said...

definitely experienced those nasty blow outs when ivy was little.... not looking forward to that again!! said...

I love gdiapers. I originally bought a couple of shells and pack of liners for my mother in law and husband (who really despise the cloth idea). The shell is reusable and the liners (which decompose completely in 1 year) are flushable.
I'm thinking about switching to full out gdiapers for the fall when I return to school full time and the kids will not be in my care.
I highly recommend them!

p.s. Love the new design!

Cameron said... - GroVia have a biodegradable insert like the gdiapers, but when I use those, she leaks really bad everywhere. Have you had any leaking problems with the gdiapers? I haven't actually used a gdiaper, so I'm not sure how they compare to the GroVia with a biodegradable insert.

Alice said...

I thought you might write about RLR. I find that just hot water isn't enough for stripping my diapers, but I find RLR once a month works great for getting rid of buildup.

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