Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mommy's Piggy Tales

Well, I'm late jumping on this train, but I found this blog with the idea to record your  memories of different times in your life so that you can share them with your kids! I love the idea & have been thinking about what I could say! There are so many memories!

Here's the posting schedule (with the exception of my first crazy post that I'm posting in a few minutes on a Wednesday rather than the regular Thursdays):
June 10 - Details about your birth/How you got your name
June 17 - Preschool/Kindergarten years
June 24 - Age 6 or First Grade
July 1 - Age 7 or Second Grade
July 8 - Age 8 or Third Grade
July 15 - Age 9 or Fourth Grade
July 22 - Age 10 or Fifth Grade
July 29 - Age 11 or Sixth Grade
August 5 - Age 12 or Seventh Grade
August 12 - Age 13 or Eighth Grade
August 19 - Age 14 or Ninth Grade
August 26 - Age 15 or Tenth Grade
September 2 - Age 16 or Eleventh Grade
September 9 - Age 17 or Twelfth Grade
September 16 - Post High School
(In not really keeping with the site, I'll probably have to break Post High School up into a couple of posts - one for how I met Lewis, things like that, but we'll see)

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Dawn said...

I am following back from FMBT! :) Thanks for following me! :)

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