Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm not sure if you've noticed lately, but I've been linking a lot to The Blogger's Concierge. It's a new blog started by the writers of Kludgy Mom & Miel et Lait. I love their blog tips!! They're a great resource for bloggers! They are currently on the hunt for A-listers! They've asked for bloggers to write a post sharing why they should be on the A-list! I apologize for all the posts today, but I wanted to jump in on this at The Blogger's Concierge & it closes today! So here goes:

I am unique & not afraid to admit that I'm super dorky. I have learned to be myself & have brought these aspects of my personality into my mothering & into my blogging. I value community & I value thoughtful, intelligent discussion. My blog is a place where I come to vent, to have an outlet, to be creative, to share & to learn. I believe this places me on an A-list because I believe there are plenty of moms - & bloggers in general - who find themselves searching for the same things as me. We are searching for community, discussion, inspiration or advice. I try to present this to my readers.

I post blog tips whenever I feel like I have something I could share. I have talked about sleep training & scheduling because it has worked for my family, but at the same time, I believe in parents choosing what is best for them. I do not believe that I am the final say or absolute truth on any topic. I am learning on a daily basis from everyone I talk to, everything I read & everything I do. My blog is a place where I can share & also discover.

I have built a pretty loyal group of readers. I constantly find the same group of people coming back to my blog & reading & leaving comments. I absolutely love it & make it a point to visit, read & comment on their blogs as well. Community is my goal. I am also proud to say that this group of followers seems to be getting larger & I am so excited to be making new blog friends!

As a blogger, I am very proud of having an organized design that I believe is easy & pleasing to read. When I write, I take care to write with intelligence, integrity & honesty. Even if I'm writing a simple story about my daughter, I always try to think about the stranger visiting & I make sure that I offer something they will be interested in or can benefit from. I try to make my blog reader-friendly.

All these things make me an A-lister by my own definition & I believe that in life, it is important that we hold ourselves to a high standard. I set high standards & high goals for myself & therefore I want to keep making my blog better as I continue. I hope that being a part of The Blogger's Concierge A-list will help me in this endeavor.


Sandra said...

You are most definitely an A-Lister! Come on Bloggy Concierge, pick Ingenue Mom as an A-lister! Her constant tips and her devotion to her readers makes her not only a superstar but a friend to those in need!

Cameron said...

Ahh thanks Sandra!!!

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