Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 Dorky Things About Me

Decided I'd share a little about  myself today. Somehow that turned into sharing dorky things because really, when it comes down to it, I think the dorky things are the best things about me.

  1. I love Twilight - the books, not the movies (as if somehow that makes it cooler). Although, I must admit, I have still seen the movies several times & bought both of them. I also have purchased my tickets in advance for the Eclipse movie. Even though I am not crazy about the movies, I seem to have this need to be a part of their transition to film. Dorky? Um, yes.
  2. I watch the entire season of Friends at least once a year. My husband and I used to watch an episode a night from the time we were dating up until Isis was born. Then, understandably, things got crazy. We have recently started again with Season 1. I have seen them all so many times that I can play several of the episodes in my head in their entirety. It's like a party in my brain.
  3. I have seen Newsies more times than any other movie. I can sing along (or dance along) with any character. I still get super excited when I watch it. It is Christian Bale at his finest - before he got all angry & started yelling at everybody.
  4. I get giddy when I watch the High School Musical movies. I will probably let Isis watch these at a pretty early age. They are actually cleaner than most animated movies I've seen lately! If she has that image of high school for a while, I'm okay with that.
  5. As you can probably see already, I get super excited about silly things & then talk about them non-stop. Thankfully I have a few friends who are totally okay with this & consider it part of my charm. Yay for good friends - and a fairly understanding husband!
  6. I think Glee is one of the best things EVER!! I am a huge Queen fan & when they sang "Somebody to Love" & then "Bohemian Rhapsody," I pretty much squealed in delight!
  7. I laugh at middle school humor. Fart noises or jokes about private parts totally get me every time.
  8. I sing really loud in the car until I get to a stop light, then I sit there patiently until I'm sure there is no one sitting next to me staring at the weirdo singing at the top of their lungs to 80's music.
  9. Sometimes I hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder just so that I can make hand gestures while I'm talking. Then sometimes I actually realize I'm doing that & get embarrassed even though nobody knows I did it, but me.
  10. I love Buffy. Like really. I have a Buffy tattoo (a heart with a stake in it on my ankle - not her face on my butt or anything). I have the special collector's set of all 7 seasons on DVD. I own most of the Season 8 comic books. If they ever allow the Buffy Sing-Along to happen again, I will be there. Also, thanks to my wonderful friends - who again, consider my dorkiness to be part of my charm - I own a Buffy lunchbox, several Buffy action figures, a Buffy poster & some Buffy valentines.

Beat that. What makes you dorky?


PJWB said...

What makes me dorky? Where would I start?!?! Probably the "Senator Game."

PJWB said...

Or my favorite hobby being driving around Kentucky to see historical sites (and what I find to be 'interesting' sites) and then blogging about them at Kaintuckeean!

The Planet Pink said...

1. There is some mysterious lure about Twilight...
2. Just this past year we watched all 10 seasons in order... wow that sounds sorta pathetic! LOL
3. ditto (I honestly didn't know that anyone else liked this movie. I actually own it on DVD and I used to have the soundtrack. It's disappeared...)
4. Own all 3 (thanks to my princesses) and am pretty sure I have them all memorized.
6. Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best moments on TV in recent times. And my favorite TV birth scene ever.

you have a great blog! Looking forward to reading more!

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