Sunday, May 2, 2010

Parenting Books?

I've posted before on the books I've read so far about sleep, schedules or other general baby info. I'm ready for some more books now! Here's what I've got in my Amazon cart right now. Before I buy, I want to see if anyone else has any that they like!

NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children
-I'm interested in this one mainly because it's the top seller in the Amazon parenting books right now. It's premise is that many of the popular strategies for raising children are backfiring right now. I would agree with that as a general statement based on things I've seen or experienced. I'm not sure if I'll come down on the same side as the people in the book, but I'm interested in at least reading it & seeing what they say!

On Becoming Babywise: Book II (Parenting Your Pretoddler Five to Fifteen Months)
-I want this one because we read Babywise & LOVED it. It has really worked for our family. It has totally helped Isis to get on a great schedule where she gets full feedings, plenty of sleep, kept my milk supply up & kept all of us sane & happy!! The Book II is about introducing solids & sign language & the intro ideas on discipline. I'm probably most excited about this one!

The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems: Sleeping, Feedings, and Behavior - Beyond the Basics from Infancy Through Toddlerhood
-Most Babywise moms also like these books and use a lot of their strategies for different things, so I thought I should read them & see what they say!

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate with Your Baby
-This one I'm not sure if I need. Who has read it? Isis is already a great sleeper - sleeping through the night & everything - and she eats well and she's 4 months old. Is it too late to read this one? I feel like they may be talking about things we've already dealt with.

Boundaries with Kids
-I am currently reading Boundaries: When to Say Yes How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life at the suggestion of my counselor because of just some personal junk I've got going on and I am finding it incredibly helpful in all areas of my life! I saw there is a version for parents when it comes to kids & I thought it would be important for me to read it. I'm really looking forward to it!


Mama Smors said...

i am interested to see how you feel about babywise 2... i read it but was not a fan like i was the first one. let me know what you think.
i have heard lots of people who liked the first babywise and then baby whisperer when it came to discipline and stuff.
happy 4 months, isis!! :)

Cameron said...

What did you not like about Babywise 2? I'm mainly interested in a discussion of solid foods & then some stuff on discipline. I wasn't going to read it, but then I read different things about it on this blog -
and decided to give it a shot. I may or may not like any of the books on here! haha! I'm just giving it a shot, but I'd like to know what you thought of Babywise 2!

Mama Smors said...

i read it for the foods things and those were super helpful. i followed it just like i did babywise 1. i thought the discipline stuff was too early with the ages it recommended. i definitely a firm believer in consistent discipline with toddlers but wasn't ready to start it as early as the book recommended. let me know what you think!! :)

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