Friday, May 28, 2010

My Favorite Links!!!

I've needed to post this for a while, but I never sat down to do it. And I'm sure this list will get even longer as I read more blogs in the TMC! But as of today, these are my faves! (They are in order of the way they show up in my Google Reader - which is really random order.)

Dear Baby
Really, this is my absolute favorite baby/mom blog! Melissa is a first time mom & her daughter Everly was born just a couple of days after Isis! So I find that following her experiences are so interesting because I know her timeline has mirrored mine. At the same time, her refreshing view on family & life will leave you smiling every single time. I probably check her blog 4 times a day just seeing if she's updated.

Mamarazzi & Co
This is a pretty new blog. She is a new mom & photographer & she gives specific advice for how to take the best pictures of your kids!

Theta Mom
She is the founder of the Theta Mom Community, but it all started as her own personal blog. She used to be an elementary school teacher, which automatically makes me identify with her, but on top of that, she's a mom who embraces her authentic experiences & views & those of other moms!

Modern Kiddo
This blog always posts pictures of kids or babies in adorable clothes & accessories! She also posts different baby gear or decorations or birthday party ideas or bedrooms - just all kinds of really cute, modern things so you can get ideas for your own kids!

Smonk You
Written by first time dad, Kenny, this blog shares the view of first time parenting from the dad's perspective. I love this! So many parenting blogs are written by moms & it's really great to see the dad's view. Add to that the fact that he is hilarious & this blog will really get you cracking up about the new experiences of a first time parent!

Design Dazzle
This blog has decorating ideas for kids! It's absolutely fabulous!!!

Heir to Blair
She is a first time mom & has just been posting about her experiences! She's really funny & has a fresh perspective on things. The thing I really admire is her courage in opening up about her experiences with Post Partum Depression. Anyone struggling with the same thing - or even not struggling with it - will find encouragement from her honesty and openness.

Cloth Diaper Whisperer
If you use cloth diapers or are interested in possibly using them, this blog will offer you so many answers & advice!! It's run by the people at Kelly's Closet, where we bought all our diapers for Isis!

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom
I have talked about this blog several times! It's the ultimate answer-source for all your questions about Babywise!! She is so helpful & even responds if you post a question as a comment! She really helped me figure out some issues I was having with Isis' naps!

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Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

aww, thanks, love!! Your little one is a DOLL. zomg. I love cute babies.

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