Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Future Moms!!

I was so blessed to get to share my pregnancy experience with 5 lovely ladies who were also expecting about the same time as me in our Centering Group! Since having our babies, most of us have kept in touch & been able to talk about what's going on with the babies or just hang out as moms & babies! It's been really great having people I could talk to! Isis was also the last baby to arrive, so it's been great talking to several moms whose babies are just a couple weeks ahead of Isis, so I know what's coming!

At the same time, I've been equally as blessed to have a best friend with 2 girls & to reconnect with several moms like my friend Laurel who also has 2 girls. They have similar parenting strategies as me, so they've been able to troubleshoot & work through issues with me. Plus it's more friends for Isis!! It's such a relief to have these people to ask my questions & get advice.

Now I'm starting to be the one that some of my friends are coming to for advice during their pregnancies or with their new babies! I find it such an amazing thing to know that in just 4 months, I've learned at least a few things that I can pass along! The craziest thing about motherhood for me so far has been how fast everything moves. The time goes by quickly, but you also learn so much so quickly. I don't think there's any way to fully prepare for motherhood before you're in the thick of it, but you adapt & you grow so much through the experience. I have been praying daily for my friends like Crystal & Emily who are pregnant & going through exactly what I was going through just a few short months ago! I hope that by passing on a little of what I've learned & experienced that I can pass along the wisdom I've gained from the mothers in my life! Every mother has her own style & method to her ways & I think it's a beautiful thing getting to see how that unfolds in people. I've loved seeing it in myself. I'm excited to see it in Crystal & Emily!! And whoever else may start making a baby this year!!

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!

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