Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Elimination Communication Update!

So I tried it for a little while & it's not going to work. I did find that I could tell when she needed to go most of the time, but I only tried actually putting her over the potty a couple of times. The reason it didn't really work is that I'm not at home as much anymore! I just am not always around a bathroom where I can get pants, a diaper & everything off before she goes. I'm watching my friend's 2 girls on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so it's me & 3 kids! Not so easy to run a baby to the bathroom. haha. And then I've been getting together with family & friends on other days during the week, so I've just found that I'm not around the house enough to really devote the time I think it would take me to do this.

SO, I tried something different, but it's a no go. Looks like we'll just be doing potty training like normal! Hopefully that will still be something we can try a little early because of the cloth diapers. I've read that most babies who use cloth diapers potty train earlier than those who use disposables. Something about being able to really feel the wet on their bottom. I do still understand and agree with the reasons and methods behind Elimination Communication! It sounds like it would work great for the mom who really wants to do it! It just didn't work for me!

But any other weird baby strategies anybody wants me to try out, I'm game - within reason, of course. My ultimate priority is what's best for Isis!

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Mama Smors said...

i never even thought about the dilemma you run into when you are out and about. avoid those nasty public restrooms as long as you can.... i still cringe when ivy's little hands touch the grossest of things in those bathrooms. thank the LORD, for hand sanitizer!

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