Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Sleep Issues!

Remember when I talked about flexibility? Well, we're having to adjust things now that Isis is sleeping through the night! Not a bad problem to have!! It's been 9 nights in a row now that she has slept 11-12 hours a night! The problem is that now her daytime sleep is totally different. She clearly doesn't need as much sleep during the day because she's getting so much at night!

For one thing, I think she's starting to not need her swing anymore. She still sleeps really well in it for her first nap each day, but for all the other naps she wakes up after 30 minutes or so. So today I started putting her to sleep for her 2nd nap in the crib in her room. I figured even if she only sleeps 30 minutes in there, I can't really mess it up. She only needs 2-3 hours sleep during the day to have the minimum recommended for her age. She's in there right now for her 2nd nap of the day and she's been asleep for 30 minutes. She only fussed for 4 minutes when I put her in there. Major improvement over my nap training when she was 7 weeks or so!

I'm also working toward eliminating her 4th nap of the day which has always been more of a catnap anyway. I'm adjusting some times of feedings and things and then seeing if we can eliminate that nap. She just doesn't seem like she needs it anymore! She's just getting so much bigger! Yay for growing up!!

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