Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Isis' Baby Milestones - 3 months!

Well, she talks non-stop! She's always cooing and gurgling and blowing bubbles and making the "ah-goo" noises - although she normally does more of an "ah-gee" kinda of noise! She will just make noises over & over & over.

Tummy Time
She spends quite a bit of time each day now in her play mat. I try to start out on her tummy and when she gets tired of that - after about 10-15 minutes, I switch her to her back. I'm trying to extend the tummy time each day. She does better with it if I'm not right next to her, so I'll sit on the couch or watch her from the kitchen and she stays happier on her tummy longer. She does a little mini-push up now! And she keeps her head up the whole time. She used to hold her head up and then lay it down for a little while, but she's keeping it up the whole time now! She rolled herself over from her belly to her back the other day without me being around! I got it on video. I'll post it soon!

She's discovered her hands and stares at them all the time. I'll catch her looking at them and then she'll just shove them in her mouth! haha She also started grabbing things on her own a couple of days ago. On her play mat, there's a little octopus that hangs and she grabbed this orange fish toy thing that's attached to it and then started pulling it and I even saw her grab it with both hands and then try to put it in her mouth! Although, she could've just been trying to shove those yummy hands in her mouth again and the toy just happened to be in her hands! LOL.

Head control
I've started doing the thing with her daily where I lay her in my lap and then grab her hands and slowly pull her up to a sitting position so she can practice keeping her head steady while she moves up to sitting. She's doing great! The first day, she didn't really hold her neck straight very well, but today when we did it, her head was sturdy the whole time. I don't ever hold her neck anymore when I'm holding her unless I have to. So she's getting lots of practice holding her head steady and she's doing great at it!!

Eye sight
She follows objects with her eyes all the time. She follows me all around the room and everyday I get her to track a smaller object with her eyes. She seems to be doing great with that! I'm reading books to her everyday and she looks at all the pictures and even tries to touch the pop-up ones. So I think she's starting to get better hand-eye coordination!

The only thing she hasn't done yet that I'm so anxious for her to start is laughing!!! I can tell she is right on the verge. She'll sometimes make a sound like she's about to laugh, but then she'll just grin at me really big. I'm doing everything I can to get her to laugh! I'm playing games, trying to tickle her, making faces, singing songs, dancing, etc! I'm just doing everything!! Any tips for how to get her to laugh?? I'm just so ready to hear that laugh!! I know that can be more of a 4-month milestone for some babies. I just can't wait!!! It'll be so great when I hear it!!

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Alice said...

I've had good luck on laughter by singing songs with gestures and moving the baby's hands around to do them, particularly "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Baby's laughter is just the best EVAR!

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