Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cloth Diaper Update!

I get asked a lot about how cloth diapering is going! I thought I'd post a little update!

In short - we LOVE it!

We knew it wouldn't be easy and it definitely isn't, but I can't imagine that it's too much harder than using disposables! I do more laundry now anyway, so it just adds one extra load every 2-3 days. We are using all GroBaby diapers. She's pooping less now, so we can reuse the shells a lot more. She's also sleeping through the night, so I bought some of the GroBaby stay-dry boosters. I haven't started using them yet because I need to pre-wash them.

We had to buy some disposables, though, to use when she goes to the nursery at church now! So we'll use 2 disposables a week because they have to change them once during the service.

We've been really happy with the GroBaby! She's on the infant setting now because she's 13 pounds. It has fit well around her legs the entire time. We've had a couple of leaks, but no more than I think we would've had with disposables. She leaked a couple of times with the disposables in just the 2 weeks we had her in them at first. They fit well around her belly & I feel like they're just tight enough without being too tight!

We are washing them in hot water with an extra rinse with Tiny Bubbles detergent. I dry the soaker pads on high heat and I air-dry the shells, but this summer I want to try to dry all of them in the sun. I'm not sure if that's allowed on our back deck because we live in a townhouse. I'll have to ask our neighbors, but our back deck faces a train track, so I can't imagine they'd be an eye-sore for anybody!

So basically, things are good! We're very happy with our choice to use cloth!!

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Mama Smors said...

not to mention they are the cutest things ever!!!!!

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