Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wonderful Friends

I have wonderful friends. Have I ever told you that? I used to always pride myself on my friends, but it's been even more since having Isis. I have several friends who don't have kids who have just proven to be so consistent and understanding of my new priorities and schedule. As a mom, I feel like I really need these lovely ladies in my life right now because they keep me grounded and real and they're so flexible and fun! And they allow me to still be me because they've been there all along. I so look forward to being there for them when they are ready to have their own kids, too!

What has been really surprising to me, though, is the camaraderie that I feel with other moms. I posted before about a "Mommy Club" and it really is like that. While I don't really feel the need to send in for a club card or anything - I'm happy just being me & adding "mom" to the list of things that make up who I am - but I do feel very blessed to suddenly have such a large group of women who are eager to help and give advice if I need it! The first few weeks of Isis' life I found myself messaging moms left and right on Facebook! Every reply was taken with the utmost gratitude by me! I felt so comforted by the stories and strategies and experiences that were shared. Every mom and every baby are different, so not all advice worked for me and Isis, but how wonderful to have so much encouragement!!

Today I spent the whole day with my best friend, Diana, who has been eagerly awaiting my entrance into motherhood. I was her child-less friend before, offering flexibility and all the things I mentioned in the beginning. But now we have transitioned to two moms sharing ideas and stories and strategies. The thing I love about Diana is that she isn't afraid to disagree with me. Some people just don't say anything when they don't agree with you, but Diana will tell me exactly what she's thinking & I'll do the same for her. I value that honesty and I value the opportunity to look at things a way I maybe wouldn't have. I don't think we pick our friends based on how much they are like us. We pick them based on their own unique identity. I feel so lucky to have a friend who has different opinions and different ideas who also has the patience and understanding to deal with my passion and hard-headedness (yes I made that word up).

Overall I'm just happy for my friends. Single friends, married friends, mom friends, non-mom friends, older friends, younger friends, liberal friends, conservative friends, just the whole range really. I think having different people and different opinions helps give me lots of great places to learn and draw from as a mother and as a person in general. Thank you to my friends!!

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