Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A tooth?!?!?

About 2 weeks ago (I feel like a LOT started happening 2 weeks ago), we noticed a small white spot on Isis' gum right in the middle on the bottom. I didn't really think anything of it because she was only 10 weeks old. Well, about a week ago, she started sticking her hands in her mouth all the time - not just when she was tired or bored or hungry. She also started drooling a lot about this time - like a lot! She didn't used to drool much, if at all. But in the last week it's like someone turned on a faucet in there!! I also noticed within the last couple of days that it seemed more like she was biting her hands rather than sucking on them. Lewis put his finger in her mouth and she started biting it really hard. She used to suck on your finger if you put it in her mouth. So we looked at the spot on her gums again - and it was about 3 times as big as it was 2 weeks ago!! And it sure does look like a tooth is going to pop up pretty soon!

It could be something else and we could just be putting things together that are really unrelated, but my friend Diana's daughter, Vada, got her first tooth right at 3 months! So it's not unheard of! I just wasn't quite expecting a tooth just yet! For one thing, I'm nursing her and I want to continue to do so for a year if I can! The idea of teeth and biting makes me really nervous! Any tips for how to keep a child from biting when they are nursing?

I'm not complaining, though! She'll be super cute with a little tooth!!

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Mama Smors said...

count your blessings that she was learning to sleep more AND teething at the same time!! i am pretty sure that is unheard of!! :) i am happy you are getting sleep i know it makes a world of difference. this has been so encouraging to read because this fall i am going to take 12 weeks of maternity leave instead of 8... it seems like a lot changes between those times!

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