Monday, March 15, 2010

Shots, Sleeping & Schedules!

Isis got her first vaccinations last Friday. She hated it, but overall took it like a champ! She screamed when they did it and then cried for about 5 minutes after, but then she was good! Later that day, she woke up from her nap and started crying a lot. I think her legs were sore because I was trying to nurse her and with her leg laying against my belly, she started crying. I ended up having to nurse her laying down. The next morning, she was kicking her legs a lot and then started crying, too. But after Saturday I haven't noticed her doing that, so I think the soreness has gone away. So yay! We survived our first shots!! Honestly I was more worried about me than her. We have a wonderful doctor and he has really taken the time to be patient with me and all my questions about vaccinations. With all the conversation about it, I definitely had some concerns, but I now feel really confident that he will not make me give her any shots until I'm ready for it. We gave her all the first shots because I think they are definitely needed if we want her out around other people or kids, but he agreed that we don't need to give her the Hep B vaccine until later this year.

The most interesting thing about the shots was that the night after she got the shots, she slept for 9 hours straight! Before that, her longest stretch was 7.5 hours! Lewis woke me up at 5am and pointed out what time it was. We got up to go check on her because I wanted to make sure she was okay and I'm nursing her, so I'm still very aware of my milk supply. Either way, it was lovely for us to have a 7 hour stretch of sleep!! Right now, she's averaging 2 night feedings every night, but usually about once a week she will only have 1. I feel like that's pretty good. Even with the 2 feedings, she'll go about 6-7 hours before the first one. Not too bad.

The most interesting thing about our lives lately is the fact that she's naturally put herself on a schedule! I was following Babywise only in that I was doing the eat, wake, sleep cycle. I was doing a consistent bedtime, but I was letting her wake up whenever she woke up in the morning. Then I was going by her morning wake time to see when she would eat throughout the day. Well, for the last week, she has naturally woken up at the same time everyday and therefore eaten & napped at the same time everyday. So I'm just going to now make sure that wake time stays consistent. I feel like she's doing it herself, so it won't take much to just make sure these feeding & nap times stay consistent. It will also make my life so much easier to be able to know a week in advance what time she'll nap. It's been interesting making appointment up until now...

Yay for baby development!!

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