Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My wonderful husband

If you read my Sickness post, you know I've had a rough day. One of the things I knew would be really difficult about being a mom is that you can't stop just because you get sick. Especially when you're nursing. Well, it's the same for dads, too. Today I went back and forth from being achy with chills to being super sweaty and hot. I felt pretty awful all day. Getting up and walking around was really uncomfortable. Nursing hurt because of the achiness and the mastitis. Well, Lewis really stepped up and helped me a lot. He still had to work, but he just really did his best to make sure that I was comfortable and okay. A lot of the things we usually do together at night, he did alone because I felt so bad. He even called his mom and asked her to make me chicken noodle soup and bring it over! She did and she also made cupcakes!! He is really the best husband and dad. He made my whole day way better!

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