Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Sweet 9 Week Old Girl!!

I thought I'd post a little update on Isis. I haven't talked a lot specifically about her lately!! She's basically settled into a much more predictable routine. It's really wonderful!! People keep saying that we are really "lucky" which maybe is true to a certain extent, but we have worked hard at her routine & her schedule. You can disagree with doing that if you want, but it's worked and we are happy and Isis is happy! So things are great!!

Night Sleep:
We start her bedtime routine between 6:30 and 7:00 and make sure she is in bed between 7:30 and 8:00 - this time includes a 30 minute feeding, a bath, a song, a prayer and some cuddling. She still gets up 1-3 times a night, but 3 times means something is usually wrong like she peed all over herself or she has bad nasal congestion. More often than not, it's 1-2 times. She normally does at least one stretch of 6-8 hours of sleep at night. When she does wake, we get up, change her diaper, I feed her & put her back down. She's asleep again within 5 minutes. No fussing. She wakes up between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning, depending on what time her last feeding was.

Now that I found my magic swing, naps are completely transformed! One of my tricks that I learned is to try to get her down for her nap within 1 to 1.25 hours from the time she wakes up from her last sleep. If I put her in the swing within this amount of time, she will go to sleep by herself and sleep for 1.5-2 hours. She usually takes 3 definite naps a day with a kind-of mini nap in the evening. She usually goes down for the first nap without crying at all. She goes down for the second one with almost no fussing and she goes down for the third one after 5-15 minutes of fussing. Then she has a fussy time that will start sometime after 4:30 and last until whenever we start the bedtime stuff. Usually in this period she will sleep for 30-45 minutes if you hold her. So overall, I think that's all great for naps! And if we leave the house, she sleeps great in the carseat! She'll usually fall asleep in the car on our way wherever & she will be totally asleep as we go around wherever.

Since I got sick, we successful got rid of the nipple shield! Yay! So she is nursing like normal! She eats every 3-3.5 hours during the day. I normally go by her hunger cues or sleep cycles. She normally goes 3.5 hours between the 2nd and 3rd feeding of the day. She is eating for about 20 minutes total each time she eats, but her last feeding of the day is normally between 25 and 30 minutes! It's like she's gearing up for the night!

She is smiling all the time now! She coos and ooh and ahs all day long! She's getting more control of her head. Her hands are open most of the tme now and not in little fists. She has learned that if she kicks against things that she can move her body. She does this most of the time in the bath. She has a little bathtub, so she will push her feet against the end of it and scoot herself back in the tub. I'll take a video of it soon & post it. She also now responds to our faces and voices. This morning, Lewis went in to get Isis because we heard that she was awake. She wasn't crying, she just makes these coos and stuff and kinda looks around the room because there is light in there in the morning. So he walked in the door and she was turned toward the wall and he goes, "Good morning Isis!" and she just flipped her head around so she could see him! She also has started to mimic our facial expressions more! When I open my mouth & eyes real wide like a surprised look, she will do it back to you. When you stick your tongue out at her, she will stick her tongue out sometimes, too!

That's what's going on with her right now!! She's doing awesome!! She's a really good baby! Very alert and sweet and big blue eyes!!
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