Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fast Food

I am definitely going to be one of those annoying moms that won't let my kids eat fast food (except Chick-fil-a, remember). There are several reasons for this including non-organic meats, calories, processed foods and preservatives. I understand that lots of people can argue about the hormones in non-organic meat and things like that, but this post about a woman who kept a McDonald's happy meal for 12 months and it DIDN'T DECOMPOSE just proves that my argument about lots of preservatives is completely valid.

I understand there could be arguments about this and I'm thinking about doing my own experiment of the sort. I just tend to believe that fresh foods for kids are going to be a lot better in the long run! I'm not trying to start an argument. Just sharing my opinion.

Also - if you haven't heard about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC, read my post on my Ingenue Perspective blog!! Click here!!

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