Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Isis,

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the idea of being your mother. Such a privilege & such a responsibility. So many ways to make mistakes. I think for both our sakes, I'll go ahead and admit that there will be so many times I will fall short. So many days I don't get this right. But I promise to never stop trying. We will figure this life out together.

Sometimes these middle-of-the-night feedings are the sweetest moments for me. It's like we are the only ones awake in the whole world & I get to just share a few stolen moments with you. It was just me & you for nine months, so I treasure these moments at night. I do look forward to you getting older and able to sleep through the night, but for now I am content with our quiet feedings by night light.

I also hold so dear those times when your fussiness is only eased by me or your dad holding you & whispering to you. I hope my arms, voice & face always provide the comfort they clearly provide for you now. I know that life will try to steal those small comforts from us, but I will pray that one day when you are hurt or lonely or heartbroken or sad - as you surely will be - that I will somehow again provide some comfort and protection from this world that can often make us feel so lost.

I pray that my words and actions will always lift you up and point you towards our Creator, who so perfectly formed you inside me as a living representation of the love your dad & I have shared. Our journey together is now magnified by our journey with you.

You are so loved. We are so blessed.

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Mama Smors said...

love this..... i am so glad you are cherishing these moments. all of motherhood is a journey just like this newborn stage. isis will love letters like this one that she can go back and read on your blog.

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