Friday, February 26, 2010

A swing changed my life!!

First let me say that several of my friends bought me a wonderful swing at one of my baby showers! I was so excited, as were they! We all remember hearing stories from our moms about putting us in swings & how much we loved them! Well, this has not been the case with Isis! We tried putting her in the swing we had and she SCREAMED!! It was like we were hurting her by putting her in it! I was so sad! On top of this, she hates pacifiers. We have tried like 5 different kinds and she won't take one. She will, on the other hand, suck on her hand. I'm not a huge fan of this because after a while, you can take a pacifier away. You can't take away a thumb! But what are you gonna do? She will seriously choke on the pacifier if you even try to give one to her. She's just adamant that she's not going to use one! (Anyone seeing any resemblances to me?) This is why my nap issues have been so rough! She won't take a pacifier, won't sleep in a swing or in her bouncy seat since she turned 5 weeks old! She would sleep if I held her and she would sleep for a little while if I held her until she fell asleep and then put her down in the pack n play or in the middle of our bed or something. But even then, she would wake up after like 20-40 minutes and have to be held again until she fell asleep. I couldn't nap when she napped. I could make a lot of noise because she would wake up at everything. It's confined me to the couch or sitting on the bed being really quiet.

All this has changed...

We spent our Thursday at my friend Laurel's house. Laurel has two little girls, 3 years old and 10 months old. She had mentioned that she had this fabulous swing that she had yet to find a baby for whom it didn't work. I was obviously apprehensive. Well, I was SHOCKED to find that when I put her in the swing - asleep the first time - she stayed asleep for an hour & 45 minutes!! And the two kids playing on the floor by her and the moms talking on the couch around her didn't wake her up at all!! I thought it was a fluke. So the next nap, we decided to try to put her in it awake and let her play by looking at the mobile above her head and then see if she would fall asleep on her own. I, of course, didn't think this would happen. Laurel put her in the swing awake and I stayed in the kitchen and watched from there to see what happened. Isis LOVED the mobile, just smiled and made sweet baby noises. Then she started getting sleepy and you saw those eyelids start to droop. She fussed for about 10 seconds at one point and then slowly just fell asleep!! Laurel and I were both nowhere near her!!

Needless to say, I went to Babies R Us immediately upon leaving Laurel's and purchased my own swing. Currently, Isis is in the swing and has been for almost two hours! She's been asleep for about an hour and 40 minutes! The swing is in the kitchen. I did dishes, did laundry, set up the monitor and went upstairs to get ready & she has stayed asleep the entire time!!!

I think the swing is magical.

I will still try to transition her to the crib in a month or so, but for now, I'm just happy that she's happy and that she can get some sleep and that I can get some stuff done while she's asleep! Yay!!!

Oh, and if you're wondering what this magical swing is, it's the Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing!


Jennifer said...

my nephew has the same swing... he loves it to. We put him in it the day he got home from the hospital and pretty much every time i go over there he is in the swing. He doesn't take a paci either so the swing has been a great help to her too... they really are miracle workers! :) glad you can get some things done now!

Mrs. Smorstad said...

I am so glad you have found something that works for now. Ivy napped in her swing for a long time.... and we even used it a few desperate nights when Ivy was sick and not wanting to sleep! Cheers to relaxing at nap time :)

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