Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slept Through the Night!!!

So exciting!!!!! Last night we did our normal routine - fed Isis at 7:00pm, put her down at 8:00pm after her bath & bedtime routine. We knew the night was starting off a little strange because she didn't cry - AT ALL. Not even a peep! So much so that I made Lewis go in and check to make sure she was still breathing! She was so quiet!!

Normally, she will get up sometime between 12 & 1 and then sometime between 3 & 4. Well, last night I woke up at 3:00am to find that she hadn't woken up yet!! Of course I kinda freaked out. Was something wrong?? But I heard her stir a little bit. I promptly poked Lewis to make sure he could enjoy this moment with me! Isis had finally slept for longer than 4 hours!! We were actually at 7 hours!!! Lewis went back to sleep while I just lay there wide awake because I just couldn't get over it! Finally, she woke up at 3:30am, but she didn't cry & scream like she normally does. She just cried a little, but I could tell she was up & not going back to sleep because I let her fuss like that for about 10 minutes to make sure this wasn't just her pooping in her sleep or something. She does that sometimes.

Anyway, she woke up at 3:30am and then at 7:30am! So last night, she only woke up one time for a feeding!!! According to all the books & websites & stuff, a baby sleeping for a 5 hour stretch is considered "sleeping through the night" so I guess we are doing just great!!! She went from 8:00pm to 3:30am!! 7 1/2 hours!!! And she was 8 weeks old yesterday!!

Yay Isis!!!! Now let's see if that repeats tonight or if she goes back to 2 feedings. Either way, it's great to know she's capable!! And she actually seemed happier last night & this morning than she has any of the other nights where she got up a couple of times to eat! Party in the Clark house!!!!

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Diana said...

Go Clark family! Sleep makes the world go round = )
she is so precious.

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