Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sleep Training Night 4

As I said yesterday, she cried 5 minutes & then went straight to sleep again last night! That was pretty fabulous! We woke her up at 10:30pm to feed one last time before we went to bed. She woke up to eat at 2:15am and then at 4:00am and then woke up for the morning at 8:00am. The 2:15am to 4:00am was unusual. She usually goes at the very least 3 hours between waking up at night. We couldn't figure out why she woke up that early, but she was crying a bunch and clearly it wasn't just a little night wakening. She wanted something. So I went in there and decided to try to feed her after trying to calm her down for a little. After I had been feeding her for about 1 minute, she had the most massive poop! So clearly she woke up because of that. She usually gets a little fussy right before a big poop. (Understandably - not always the best feeling for adults either! LOL) But then she slept until 8:00am, so that was good!

I'm still very pleased with our sleep training progress so far!! Feeding her at 10:30pm was great last night, too because then me & Lewis were able to sleep from 11:00pm to 2:15am! 3 hours or more at a time right now is awesome! I know several people's babies are sleeping 5 or 6 hours at a stretch at this point, but Isis is just not at that point yet, so 3 hours is awesome! But her going down at 8:00pm without much fussing makes a huge difference! I can tell even during the day that she's learning to self-soothe. For one thing, she can play a little longer on her play mat thing. She could go for like 5 or 10 minutes, but yesterday she was in there for 20 minutes & loved it! So that makes things a lot easier! It also gives me & Lewis at least 2 hours at night to ourselves which is precious time! I look forward to those 2 hours now so much!!

I decided not to start nap training today because it's girls day out, so me & Isis & Diana & her girls are going out & I can't really nap train when she's napping out in her carseat and stuff. So I will begin tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well and doesn't mess up our night stuff. Again, I'll keep posting updates!!

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Mama Smors said...

I have loved reading about your sleep training adventure. This was crucial for us!! I needed Ivy to be a good sleeper and on a schedule of sorts for me to be able to function. I am excited about all the books you are reading.... I may have to read some of them this time around. Isis seems to be adjusting well!!! She is a precious baby :)

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