Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleep Training Night 2

Night 1 was Tuesday night. I fed Isis at 7:00pm. Then around 7:40 we gave her a bath & then did our bedtime routine. We put her down in the crib at 8:00pm. She had yawned a couple of times during the routine, so we knew she was sleepy, but she was awake when she went in the crib. That night, she didn't start crying immediately. She started a few minutes later and kinda cried off & on for a little while. We went in to comfort her and kiss her and pat her belly about every 5-10 minutes depending on how upset she was. We only had to go in twice in an hour because she wasn't that upset. She kept getting quiet for long periods and made her little cooing noises, so we knew she was already starting to soothe herself. She ended up falling asleep right before 9:00. Her total amount of crying time was about 30 minutes. That night, she woke up to eat at 10:40pm, 2:00am, 5:00am and then around 7:45am - when we got up for the day. I did a morning routine with her at the 7:45am time.

Night 2 was last night, Wednesday night. I fed her at 7:00pm. Then around 7:40 we gave her a bath & then did our bedtime routine. We put her down in the crib at 8:00pm. This time she got fussy & cried a little while we did the routine, but she calmed down as we did the song. We are singing You are my Sunshine every night as a part of our bedtime routine. When we put her in the crib, she wasn't crying, but she started crying as soon as we left the room. We did the same thing as the night before, going in every 5-10 minutes to calm her and kiss her and everything. Both times we went in (we only had to do it twice again in an hour) she calmed down completely for at least 10 minutes. This time she went to sleep a little after 9:00pm, but she only cried for a total of 23 minutes in the entire hour. The rest of the time she was either completely silent or did her little cooing noises. The biggest difference about night 2 was that she didn't wake up until 12:30am!! She went from 7:00pm to 12:30am without a feeding! She had still eaten enough during the day and even at the 12:30 feeding, she ate less than what she does in her daytime feedings. She always eats less at night. So she woke at 12:30am, then at 4:00am and then at 8:00am for the day! I did her morning routine with her at 8 and we were up!

I'm very happy with how things are going so far!! I'm still seeing how it goes over the next week because I've heard it gets worse before it gets better, but at least she seems to be learning to soothe herself! I plan on doing nap training with her in 2 weeks. That way we will have a good 2 weeks of the bedtime routine. Then I'll do a mini-version of the routine for naps. Plus I'm hoping to get the curtains for her room by that time so that I can darken her room a little. But yay!! Things are good so far!!

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