Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post-Baby Shopping!!

I'm preparing to do some post-baby shopping! I'm waiting until I can fit in all my clothes again. I'm almost there, but not quite. Any pants that are a little stretchy, I can fit in. So my stretchy jeans fit - my ones that have no stretch are still not awesome. I've got a couple more pounds left to lose, too. So I started making an effort to watch what I eat today. I'm nursing Isis, so I can't exactly "diet." I just want to make sure that all my calories are good calories! So I ate waffles for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and some sushi for dinner. Not too bad! My snacks were fruits & stuff, so that's good!

I have gift cards from Forever 21 from Christmas that I'm excited to spend! I asked for gift cards there for Christmas so that I could buy some post-baby clothes when I was ready! I also have some leftover Christmas money & income from my blogging! So I think I might buy a new pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans because they're totally my favorite thing ever!!!

So yay for losing weight & buying post-baby clothes!!!


Diana said...

Good luck, Cameron! I am always so amazed (and pissed, honestly!) by moms who look great just a month later. (Staci was one of those moms who didn't look like a mom too.) I gained 45 lbs with Kaitlyn (who was 6 lbs!) It took me every bit of 18 months to get to prebaby weight. I've lost an additional 10 in the past 10 months. But i still can't wear my favorite jeans from college even though i'm only 2 lbs away from my lowest ever adult weight. my saggy mommy tummy persists. = ) but i know that beautiful feeling of being a person again, not just a vessel or a cow. = ) have SO much fun shopping, you deserve it!

Love Glasses said...

love forever 21

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