Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post-Baby Hips

I weighed myself this morning & was happy to find that I've reached my pre-pregnancy weight!! 7 weeks & I'm back to what I was before!! Except I'm not. My hips are wider & things are still distributed strangely. And my belly is not quite as tight as it used to be - hard to believe, huh? LOL. So although the number says normal, the pants say "nuh uh." I've been talking to Diana about Jazzercise & I'm thinking I may give it a shot! While it all sounds very 1987 to me, I'm thinking the price is good & Diana has a lot of fun & it would be a way to get out of the house & they have childcare for $1! Fabulous! I'm there!

And by the way, I have plans this week to go to the library with Diana & to go to Laurel's house on Thursday & maybe to go to lunch with my dad & grandfather! Yay!!

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Anonymous said...

Hips. It's only been seven weeks. Give it a while longer and it is a good idea to start exercising. Will make you feel better all over and will firm up your tummy. Jazzercize is great and it's fun. I'm thinking about starting a group/franchise in Meade County. I think there's great potential here for growth and would be a GREAT post-retirement source of income...keep me in shape and keep me in money for traveling! You'll firm up. Your friends are going to hate you for losing the pounds....ha ha ha.

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