Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nap Training Day 5

(I've run out of sleeping pictures...)

I think I'm just troubleshooting at this point to see what method is going to work. I know I need to give it a little while. Sleep training is supposed to take 3-7 days - which it did for Isis - and then nap training is supposed to take up to 2 weeks - which it's looking like it's going to.

Anyway, today Isis went back to what she did a couple of days ago. She went to sleep in the crib for naps within 5-15 minutes. She woke up in the middle of 2 different naps and soothed herself back to sleep within 5 minutes. She woke up a little while later for a total of about an hour per nap for the first 2. The third nap, I put her to sleep in her crib and then when she didn't soothe herself after she woke up in the middle of it, I went and got her. She ended up falling asleep while I held her and I let her because I knew she needed some sleep. Plus I've been reading all these message boards on Baby Center and this one woman is like a baby sleep guru & she had some great advice that I think I'm going to try...

She said that if your child really won't sleep well in the crib for naps and you know she won't get enough sleep if you do the nap training the way you have been, to pretty much do what I have been doing for the first 2 naps and then for the last 2, do whatever you were doing before - in my case, hold her. Do this for a week or so and then once she gets the hang of the first 2 naps, do it for all of the naps.

What do you all think of this plan?? Honestly, the nap training is much harder for me. I'm at home by myself with her and I obviously hate to hear her cry. Normally when she is going down for naps or for night time sleep, she doesn't CRY, she more just kinda fusses and whines. So it's hard for me when she wakes up from a nap just crying a lot and I know that her diaper is clean and she's eaten within the last hour and she's not too hot or too cold, so I know she's just tired. I want to just pick her up and hold her to go to sleep. But I know that this will create a child that needs to be helped to go to sleep and I don't want that. I want a child and future adult who has good, healthy sleep habits and can sleep well. All our parenting decisions take into consideration the current child as well as the future whole person. So for me, starting nap training with the first 2 naps and leaving the last 2 for a little while sounds like the best of both worlds to me. I know she can sleep in the crib because she does so wonderfully at night. We just gotta work out the naps.

Any more advice? I've loved all the comments!! I really value the opinions of other experienced moms!!

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Anonymous said...

She senses you are there in the house while she's napping and she wants you. I think it's that simple during the day, to be honest. I think it's wonderful she's sleeping in her crib so well at night, but for naps, I'd just be flexible. My babies her age liked taking naps very near wherever I was. So, if I was on the couch and the baby was asleep on a soft blankie on the floor, they slept great like that and I stretched out on couch and we just dozed together. That baby was in your tummy for nine months and she senses your presence and desires your presence, your smell, your sound. She wakes up from a nap craving that and when she gets it, she goes back to sleep. I had a little baby pouch I wore with a head flap thing on it for a baby this age and I'd just put my baby in there and he would sleep and I went about my business if he cried a lot. When he slept and I was tired too, then I took the couch nap with him nearby on a blankie or in a bassinet. Our babies never slept in bed with us, always slept in their own rooms and own cribs, but under three months for naps...I was pretty flexible and realized that tiny babies like that...they just want their mommy's warm skin, smell, touch, sound. Mine also slept well in a swing at this age...Miles would hardly nap during day except in his swing. He wanted that soothing movement thing. I'd place the swing near me, he'd swing, I'd watch television or do dishes or cook or whatever needed doing, he'd swing. And sleep. Nap. He grew out of that by four months or so. Keane did not care so much for swing. Isis is a cuddler baby, I think. She likes the snuggle thing. Do you have a swing? If you do, give it a try. She will probably nap like crazy in it!

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