Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nap Training Day 4

I think it's Day 4...I've lost track.

Either way, today was rough!!! I cried at one point! LOL

Isis did okay going to sleep in her crib during the day for naps, but she didn't soothe herself today. She woke up screaming after 20-40 minutes of her first 2 naps. She didn't sleep much at all. I think part of it is due to her new bedding! It's absolutely fabulous - made by my friend Susan, but she's used to seeing through the slats in her crib and I think she gets scared not being able to see. But anyway, since she didn't sleep a lot, she was super tired and therefore SUPER fussy! I thought maybe it was a growth spurt because a couple of times the only thing I could do to calm her down was nurse her. But once she calmed down later in the day, she went back to just seeming hungry every 3 hours or so.

I don't really care about putting her on a consistent schedule right now. We're doing the consistent bedtime, but during the day the schedule just kinda goes by how she's doing and what time she wakes up. But I just really need her to be sleeping for naps in her crib because I can't sit there and hold her all day. But today she hated the crib. It was not fun.

I'll just try again tomorrow! It's a process. We're taking it one day at a time. On a happier note, bedtimes are still going great! She was out in like 3 minutes today. Woo hoo!

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Diana said...

You keep going, girl! It's tough. I remember crying with Kaitlyn too. But you know, she is 2 now. I read her a story, pray, give kisses, and put her in her bed. She goes to sleep on her own every night. and the other night (3am), instead of crying when she woke up, I hear over the monitor, "mommy. mommy! i wanna send time wif you!" =) i went to her, held her for a moment, and she said, "ok. i go seep now." She still wants me around, but she doesn't need me. I think as parents, our responsibility is to love the stage they are in and to get them ready for the next one. i'm so thankful i was introduced to the concept of a routine because I sleep! She sleeps! We are ready for tomorrow. You are blessing Isis.

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