Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nap Training Day 2

I'm not going to post about Sleep Training anymore, because she's got it! She's been going to sleep within 5-10 minutes of putting her down at 8:00pm since the 3rd night of sleep training! Even with my nap training, she's still been doing really well! We stopped doing the 10:30pm feeding because we were having a hard time waking her up and she was actually going less time between feedings after that. So we are back to feeding her at 7:00pm, then she gets up - usually around 12:00am and then 2 more times. But last night, she woke up at 11:45pm, then 2:45am, then 6:45am. So that's awesome, but after that 6:45am feeding, there was no chance of her getting up at 8:00am. So today has been off a little bit. But I'll talk about that later. I want to talk about yesterday - Day 2 of nap training!!

Yesterday was the best day so far in the entire 6 weeks of having her!! Here's how our schedule went:

8:00am - woke up & nursed, then changed diaper, got ready for the day
9:00am - put down for a nap after she yawned a lot - we did the naptime routine
9:10am - she was asleep after doing kinda whine-cries for about 10 minutes
During this Nap #1, she woke up after about 40 minutes. I went in and ended up having to pick her up and kinda rock her to get her really sleepy again. Then I put her back in the crib - still awake - and sat there for a minute until she fell back asleep. She ended up taking a nap for a total of an hour & a half!
11:00am - woke up, changed diaper & nursed
12:00pm - put down for a nap after she yawned a lot - we did the naptime routine
12:06pm - she was asleep after crying a little, but not as much as the first time
This time, for Nap #2, she woke up after 40 minutes and SOOTHED HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP! She whined & did a few tired cries, but she was back to sleep within 5 minutes! I was freaking out! She ended up sleeping for an hour & a half again! Yay!!
1:30pm - woke up, changed diaper
2:00pm - nursed - I waited 30 minutes since she woke up early and I was trying to do a 3 hour schedule. If she does this again, I'm going to just wait 15 minutes and try to do a 2 hr 45 min schedule
2:30pm - put her down for a nap after she yawned a lot - only 30 minutes from the time she started nursing because she had woken up at 1:30pm
2:38pm - she was asleep after just a few minutes of crying tiredly
During this Nap #3, she woke up after like 30-40 minutes and soothed herself back to sleep again!! So now I know she's definitely capable of doing it!!
4:00pm - woke up
4:30pm - nursed
5:00pm - put down for nap. This one was the bad one. She fussed more at this one and I had to go comfort her and pat her and hold her a little. She ended up falling asleep around 5:15-5:20. She only slept for a total of 45 minutes or so. I had to go in her room in the middle of this nap and soothe her because when she woke up after like 20 minutes, she didn't soothe herself.
6:15pm - woke up
7:00pm - nursed
8:00pm - bedtime!

Great day!!!! I know she can soothe herself & she slept pretty good and every nap was in her crib!! Very exciting!!!!!! I even got to take 2 naps - one for 20 minutes and the other for an hour!! OMG!!! Big deal!

Today is a little different...I'll post about it later tonight.


Mama Smors said...

Ivy is looking over my shoulder at Isis, and she keeps saying "Awwww I like her, her's cute!"

YAY for mommies napping when babies are napping!!

Cameron said...

Yay thanks ivy!! Tell ivy I think she's really cute too!!

Baby Slings said...

lol...this is kinda funny. Nice to share such a beautiful experience, I remember my dad used to fall asleep before I did !

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