Thursday, February 11, 2010

iPhone Apps for Mom & Dad!!

I have found that there are several iPhone apps that I can't live without now!! The first and most important one is called Total Baby and we use it to track her feeding, diaper changes, baths & sleep times. It was like $4.99, but it has been so worth it!! Now when we go to the doctor, I can tell him specifically how she's doing - which may seem over the top to some people, but it really helps me keep my head on straight. Without organization, I go insane.

I also can't do without Facebook because I'm constantly uploading pictures & messaging my friends who are moms with different questions! Keeping in touch has never seemed so important!! It's also really fun to play around on Facebook at 2am when you're up feeding the baby.

Other middle-of-the-night entertaining apps are Words With Friends (do you have a username?? let's play!) and Echofon where I'm checking Twitter all the time. I also play Solebon Solitaire and update/check my Tumblr stuff.

The main app that I rarely used before that I use now with every middle-of-the-night diaper change is the Flashlight app!! Oh how helpful when you want to keep it dark to signal to the baby that it's nighttime, but you need to see that little bottom to clean it off!

I've also been using the Notes app way more to keep track of her schedule and my schedule and things like that. And I've started using my Polarize and Mill Colour apps to edit my lovely pictures of Isis!

What apps are you using??

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Nicole said...

LOL - I use the flashlight app to walk around the house at night.

Your first night at home sounded like our first two. Hard to believe that was 14 weeks ago! To help us with her night time sleeping - we would not let my family just hold and hold her while she slept during the day! One day of her sleeping during the day on her own - she slept at night much better :)

Do you still play words with friends? My user name is NicoleTTU!

Oh and you asked on my blog- yes I do have an SLR camera. I am taking lessons next week Tuesday from a local photographer. Wish me luck. I get an hour of his time.

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