Sunday, February 28, 2010

Floor Bed - Montessori

First of all, I've been reading this blog - smonkyou - that I have mentioned before, but I think you all should read! It's great! But he has posted about their decision to do a floor bed rather than a regular crib. It's an interesting idea that Lewis and I are going to talk about for our next child. The concept comes from the Montessori ideas of how children learn best. I've always been interested in the Montessori schools. Although I don't think we will send Isis to a Montessori school, I do agree with a lot of their concepts on how to help children learn.

The idea of the floor bed has to do with allowing your child the opportunity to explore their environment themselves. You make their bedroom completely safe and baby-friendly and place a regular crib mattress on the floor. You start placing the baby on it at the same time you would have started putting them in their crib. Read more about it here and on smonkyou. He also posted pictures of their child's bedroom all set up with the floor bed!

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