Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cam & Lew - we're weird...

We were just talking about this and I thought I'd post because I think it's interesting. It's so funny how every couple tends to just mesh in different ways. I think it's neat to see how different couples have their different style. Lewis and I apparently have a weird style. People always comment on how we deal with holidays with each other. Let me explain...

We were just talking about Valentine's Day. I said something off-hand about how I would think it was really weird if Lewis bought me a Valentine's Day card or gift. It's just not necessary. I've always thought that. We usually tend to stay in on Valentine's Day and just make dinner or something because we don't want to deal with the restaurants where everyone is going out. Actually, I think there have been several years that we have forgotten that it even was Valentine' Day.

Then the weirdest thing that people always comment on is the fact that we don't buy each other birthday or Christmas gifts. Why would we? We share a bank account and if there is something we really want, we talk to each other and buy it - birthday, holiday or not. So it just seems weird to buy each other gifts for those reasons. For Christmas each year, we usually buy something big for the house. Like one year we bought a new tv because we needed it. Stuff like that. But we don't get each other specific gifts. We do tend to buy little things for each other to be sweet like randomly at different times. For example, Lewis will go to Wal-Mart to pick up milk or something and he'll come back with some Sour Patch Kids because he knows I love them. Honestly that means a lot more to me than a birthday or Christmas gift because it means he was thinking about me and thought of something I'd like while he was out.

I dunno...this post isn't really related to parenting. We were just talking about it and Lewis was like, "I guess we're weird..." I tend to think we're weird for way more reasons than that. haha I'm sure this will come into play in our parenting at some point.

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Jennifer said...

we are the same exact way.... I think the first year we dated we bought each other something for Christmas and V- day but after that we just decided not to do it. And now that we are married we definitely don't do it. We usually will save up to get something that we both really want and say that that is our present. For his birthday one year we got a dog and then for Christmas we saved up money and I went outlet shopping with my mom and i just bought us both clothes because we really needed new clothes. I'm so glad to hear someone else does this because we definitely thought we were weird!!!

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