Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby Slings - I need help!!

Who uses a baby sling? I need help figuring out how to use one!! Can you use it if she doesn't really have head control yet? Because I tried kinda laying her in there and she hated it. I may have done it wrong though. I'm trying to find pictures, but I kinda need someone to walk me through how to do this. LOL. I have several of the slings that are the ring slings like the first 2 pictures above. Who can help me??


Jennifer said...

one of my friends learned how to use hers through a you tube video. I think she just searched the brand of her sling and it popped up with like a step by step walk through to show you how to use it.

Cameron said...

Thanks!! I'll look it up now!

Maren M. said...

Your Mom was my daughter's kindergarten teacher and I would sling my baby in there twice a week!I am slinging my newest little pumpkin too. The trick is finding the right sling and right fit. Do you live in Lexington? If so, I would be happy to meet up with you and show you how to use a couple of different kinds.
If you have a ring sling, for newborns,the tummy to tummy hold is often good.

Mama Smors said...

I carried Ivy in the maya wrap at 2 weeks :) She never like laying in it.... probably because it was 100 degrees in August.... but she loved being held close to my chest with her legs tucked under her. Hope this helps!!!

Kelsey L. said...

Finding a video on YouTube would be helpful, But here are some tips on how to place baby in using the cradle position.

Place the sling over your non-dominant arm.
2.Now pull the carrier over your head and place it on the opposite shoulder, place your baby's feet into the pouch.
3. Carefully lay your baby's head down in the carrier.Make sure Your baby's head is nearest the shoulder the pouch is resting on.

Sidenote: if intersted in a new carrier When you buy new native baby slings they each come with instuctional dvd's. for more baby sling information

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