Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feeling normal again, making some changes

So I finally feel over the baby blues. I have felt like myself the last few days & I haven't cried in several days! I've been fixing my hair & putting on makeup & getting out of the house a little bit with Isis. Things haven't necessarily gotten easier with sleep & routine & things with Isis, but I'm definitely much more prepared for everything! I can handle it now. Lewis is having a hard time at night with her being up & crying & things like that. It's so hard because he has to work.

So we both agreed that it was about time for her to sleep in her own room. I thought that I would leave her in our room for the first several months, but it turns out we are not the parents who can handle that. She makes all these little sleep noises right now, which is totally normal, but it really keeps us up a lot. We know now that she's okay and we know what to listen for, so we have decided to just use the monitor in her room and let her sleep there. She's asleep in there right now for her nap & she actually didn't cry or fuss as much being in there. Maybe she needs her own space, too.

She's not sleeping very well at night. She just doesn't like falling asleep. She'll fight it so bad, but once she's asleep sometimes it's hard to get her to wake up for her next feeding! But she's also so alert when she is awake! Her umbilical cord stump finally fell off! That was really exciting! There is still a little piece left, so we can't give her a bath yet, but we have put her in the cloth diapers!! We were waiting for the stump to fall off so that the cloth diapers didn't rip it off prematurely. She's in a cloth diaper right now & it looks so cute!! I'm excited!

So I've stepped it up. I'm making an effort to do some things for myself and I'm letting Isis sleep in her own room. I'm handling the very little sleep thing pretty well and I don't feel completely exhausted all the time. Things are getting better! They're not necessarily predictable or anything yet, but I'm definitely able to handle everything much better!

Also, I've found a great blog that I really like! Check it out if you're a mom!!
Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Also, I had my 2-week follow-up appointment yesterday and they said everything was great! Nursing is definitely just melting off the baby weight! I have 9 pounds left to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight! Woo hoo! And tonight our Centering class is getting together for a reunion with the babies!! So I'm going to take pictures and post them later! And we bought a Flip camera! My dad gave us an awesome digital camera which we will use for all our big video stuff, but we wanted the Flip camera so that I could just keep it with me in my purse or diaper bag and just take videos of little things as they happen! I'll post some videos soon too!


The Grows said...

Isis' face is cute in this pic!
What is centering class?

Cameron said...

Centering is this class we did in place of normal prenatal visits with our nurse-midwife. There were 6 couples all having their first children. We did prenatal stuff and also a pregnancy & childbirth class every time we met. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Isis is beautiful and I am so proud of you!!!! Missy

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