Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home From the Hospital Clothes!!!!

I bought Isis her "home from the hospital" clothes today!!! Diana has given me so much clothes that I really don't need a lot of clothes! But I wanted to pick out certain outfits myself like home from the hospital or Easter! So here's what I picked out...

It's this pattern:
But in a bodysuit like this:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

12 weeks left!!

There are 12 weeks left until our due date!! That sounds like a long time, but it SOOO isn't!! Especially when you consider, this is what my schedule looks like...

Monday, Oct. 12 - Glucose test & RhoGAM shot (because I have Rh-negative blood!)
Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Literacy Resource Package due in Literacy class, Exam 2 in Science class
Wednesday, Oct. 14 - Other Source Lesson Plan Analysis due in Social Studies class
Sunday, Oct. 18 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Emily & Carol!!
Monday, Oct. 19 - My 5-week practicum begins for UK at Lansdowne Elementary!
Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit - Diana is coming with us this time because they're going to start talking about labor techniques!
Wednesday, Oct. 28 - 3d Ultrasound!!
Friday, Oct. 30 - Family Communication Project due by email for Literacy class
Wednesday, Nov. 4 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Friday, Nov. 13 - Lesson Plan #2 due by email for Literacy class, Elementary Student Assessment due for Science class
Sunday, Nov. 15 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Diana!!
Wednesday, Nov. 18 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Friday, Nov. 20 - Last day of my 5-week practicum for UK! - Also the night I go to see New Moon in theaters!!!
Saturday, Nov. 21 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Gloria & Suzanne!!
Monday/Tuesday, Nov. 23 & 24 - Everything is due for my UK practicum - lesson plans, assessment projects, etc. Craziness!!
Wednesday, Nov. 25 - Dad's Birthday!
Thursday, Nov. 26 - THANKSGIVING!!
Monday, Nov. 30 - Assessment Project & Textbook Analysis due for Math class
Tuesday, Dec. 1 - Assessment Project Artifacts due for Literacy class
Wednesday, Dec. 2 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Monday, Dec. 7 - Family History Project due in Social Studies class (review due 12/9)
Wednesday, Dec. 9 - Professional Development Forms & Binder Check due for Math class
Thursday, Dec. 10 - Assessment Project Case Report due for Literacy class, Unit Fair Share for Practicum block due
Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Thursday, Dec. 17 - My last final for the semester!!
Saturday, Dec. 19 - Isis is considered full-term, although not the official due date. Some sources say she is considered full term on Dec. 15.
Wednesday, Dec. 30 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit - You know, if she's not here yet...

In case you haven't already noticed, I kinda made that list for my own benefit & not for yours. But still, you can see what my schedule looks like before baby!! And I still have to fit in time to organize & clean to get ready for her!!

So let's just pray that I don't get sick in the next 12 weeks!!! I don't have time to slow down!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is proving to be very difficult...

So I know I'm so lucky to be having a fairly easy pregnancy so far! I'm very nervous about getting sick like swine flu or something once I start my practicum in an elementary school. Everyone please pray for that NOT to happen!! But I'm having 2 difficulties!!

Painting my toes
Shaving my legs

Oh it's hard!! That little belly is not even that big yet, but it's in the way!! haha! I act annoyed, but I really love it because it means my baby girl is getting bigger!! I feel her move a lot more now! It looks like waves on my belly when she starts moving at night when I'm laying down. I'm so obsessed with her! She's amazing!!

But any tips on the toenails or shaving??
Here are some of my Pregnancy Tips!
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