Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mommy Club

I am currently working on a list of links & resources to "mom" blogs that I think are interesting! In my search, I came across this post at Dinnercraft. I completely agree with them and I like it! I've found just in my decisions and opinions I've been making lately that everyone has an input - especially moms. Everyone has an opinion and a perspective of the "best" way to do things. I think it's unnecessary. I love the advice and I think that as a future mom, I will definitely rely on the community of other moms who have been there. But it is important that we remember that we are a community, not separate teams fighting against each other. When it comes to the decisions I've been making lately about a birth plan, diapers, registry items and things like that, the final breakdown is that these decisions have more to do with ME than anything else. We make decisions based on what type of parent we are going to be. This doesn't necessarily mean that our children will end up being better or worse. We're just taking different routes to get to the final result that we all hope for: a happy and healthy child.

When it comes down to it, I really enjoy the different lives and characteristics of the people around me. I enjoy the eccentricities that make us each unique. I believe that these things will also make us each better parents. I believe that it is being true to ourselves that really gives us something unique and authentic to offer our children. So while making all your different decisions about parenting no matter how big or small, encourage those moms & dads around you who may be making different decisions. We are a community. I may not fully be in "The Mommy Club" yet, but I look forward to all the different types of people in this group and I know there will come a day - if not many - when I will also need the encouragement.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gro Baby Diapers

We have decided on the cloth diapers we want to use! I am very aware that cloth diapers are not for everyone and I fully support any parent's decision to choose what works best for them. For many people - actually most people probably - cloth offers more of a hassle than it is really worth. And that makes sense to me. Lewis and I have just decided after lots of discussion and thought that cloth diapers is the way we want to go. We have been so blessed to find a wonderful woman who is going to watch our baby in the spring and she is completely fine with doing cloth with us! I am so happy about that!! I realize the poopy diapers will not be the most fun, but I guess the way I see it I'll be dealing with poopy diapers either way. I've just chosen to go a route where I'm throwing the diaper into a washing machine rather than into a trash can. (Extra rinse, hot water and some oxy-clean should be just fine!)

I have heard from several people in my mom's generation that they tried cloth with their children at first and didn't like it. Now it seems to be making a comeback with many parents, but this time - with MUCH better resources!! The cloth diapers you can choose from today are amazing! I have been a little overwhelmed actually with the choices! There are FuzziBunz diapers with the snaps and the insert that need no extra cover outside. There are Kissaluvs that are fitted and cotton and come in adorable colors and patterns that then need the diaper cover for waterproofing. There are BumGenius diapers that have velcro and the insert that require no diaper cover. There are also MANY more options to choose from! But after a lot of investigation and reading reviews and opinions from mothers who have used the different types of diapers, we have decided on Gro Baby Diapers!

Here are my reasons:
#1 - Gro Baby Diapers are one size fits all! They have adjustable snaps that fit babies from 7 lbs to 35 lbs! This means that we will buy one set of diapers one time and they will last us through potty-training! And hopefully if we take good care of the diapers, we can use them with our next child as well! The set we have chosen is $389. We may buy a few extra soaker inserts so that I'll only have to wash every 3 days, but that means $400 is all we will spend for diapers for the life of the baby! Most people spend about $800 per year on disposable diapers. Assuming a child is potty-trained at 2, that's a savings of $1200! There is one pro for us!

#2 - Gro Baby Diapers have a snap-in soaker insert that is attached on top of the outer shell. This means that unless there is a blow-out diaper or they soak completely through the soaker, booster and shell, you should only have to change the shell a few times a day. This means we can buy less shells (we will end up with 11 shells) and more soaker inserts (we will end up with 24 - 30) and therefore only wash every 3 days, even less as the baby gets older! With most other cloth diapers, you have to have about 24 diapers - inserts, shells and all and that will leave you washing about every other day.

#3 - Gro Baby Diapers require no diaper cover, so they can be worn exactly as is! That saves time & money!

#4 - Gro Baby Diapers use an organic cotton soaker insert. This means less chemicals are touching our baby's skin!

Here is a video so that you can see how Gro Baby Diapers work:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maternity Pictures

It's a little early for this, but I've been looking at maternity pictures that I like!! I want ideas for when I have pictures taken! I found these pictures below at this site and I love them!! I've also got a link to pictures I found on Flickr! What do you think? Where did you get maternity pictures taken?

Flickr pictures...
Pregnancy - BlueSkyFotos

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2nd Trimester: Update!

So we had our first Centering class last week. We loved it!! It was better than I even expected! It's so awesome getting to have time with the nurse-midwife for 2 hours rather than the normal 15 minutes or so that you see them at a regular pre-natal visit. For those of you who will have kids or have kids again, I highly suggest it if your doctor offers it! I had never even heard of it before this!

There were six couples there, so Lewis had other men there to talk to as well. It was so great for me to hear the other women talk about what was going on with them. A couple of them even talked about nightmares they were having that sounded exactly like mine! (I've been having trouble with nightmares pretty much every night for the past few weeks.) I voiced some of my concerns and questions and was just so comforted by the response of the nurse-midwife and the other women who understood! This time they talked about the discomforts of pregnancy and how to alleviate some of them and what makes them better or worse. We get a large notebook with lots of information and goodies to take home and look at in our own time, too. I really loved it! Lewis and I had the best conversations when we left.

For those of you who are in the Lexington area, I'm using Melissa Courtney at Lexington Women's Health. There are 2 other nurse-midwifes in that practice as well as a couple of ob-gynecologists. They have a lot of options for mothers as far as whether you want an ob or a nurse-midwife. But they always have the ob on call if they are needed at your delivery as well. I was really excited to find out that my nurse-midwife will be in the room with me from the time I get to the hospital in labor through to the time I deliver! From what I've heard, that's unusual. She said she has lots of advice and things I can try to help with contractions and labor. I feel so much more comfortable after talking to her even more!

The baby's heartbeat was between 150 and 155 which she said was great. I have gained 3 pounds since my last visit for a total of about 4 pounds in the pregnancy. Not bad I don't think so far! My blood pressure was back up a little bit. It had been pretty low, although I think that's normal too for early pregnancy. It is now 103 over 80. Yay!

Anyway, I think that's about it for now! I've been looking at maternity pictures on the internet to show my friend Hannah who has offered to take some pictures of me later! I'll probably post some that I like later so I can get feedback - if anybody is reading this. I think Sarah is!

14 week belly

I had to make this one brighter because it was too dark. I'm not actually THAT pale.
Close, though.

13 week belly

This was last week.
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