Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fears - Irrational or Not?

So now everyone knows that I'm pregnant. It's been good and bad. It's awesome having lots of support and advice, but at the same time it's a little overwhelming getting advice from several different directions. It went from a personal intimate thing between me & Lewis to something that everyone is involved in. Oh well, it's still just me & him & the new one on the way when it really comes down to it.

But here's my question to all you already in The Mommy Club - as I like to call it - how normal is it to be scared that something is going to go wrong? I'm assuming it's really normal because I can't imagine not being nervous about the different things that could happen. Right now, I'm just so nervous that we'll go to the doctor and they won't find a heartbeat. I watched Marley & Me last night for the first time and that happens to them the first time. I started crying and made Lewis stop talking so I could listen to everything they said. Let's just attribute that to my major hormones & emotional craziness lately. But did anyone else have this fear before going to the doctor? I go in about a week and 2 days, so I'll know soon, but I am sort-of apprehensive about getting too invested before I go to the doctor.

Cloth Diapers?

Lewis and I had discussed cloth diapers before and we'd both thought they seemed like a good idea, but we didn't know anyone who used them and we just didn't have enough information on them in general. I recently read a discussion board about cloth diapers that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. Suddenly I found 8 or 9 different people who had used cloth diapers and loved them! They had brands and specific items they had used! It completely recharged my interest in cloth diapers! They are more expensive to begin with than regular diapers, like 1 diaper is about $11 - $25 depending on the brand while a pack of disposable diapers can be about that much. BUT, you wash and reuse the cloth diapers where you only need about 2 dozen for a year - until they grow out of them - and then you can use the same diapers for your next baby. From what I could tell after reading the information from the people on the discussion board, it costs less than half what disposable diapers cost in a year. I'm all about it! Check out these sites to see what you think! I'll definitely have to get several fitted diapers and covers for the grandparents and babysitters who are going to be pretty apprehensive at first about cloth diapers. But I think everyone will get used to it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Eggo is Preggo

8 weeks...

So here we are. After 7 months of trying, we finally got pregnant the first month that we actually tried NOT to get pregnant. I guess it's true what everyone says - it happens when you stop trying. It's just hard to stop trying when you want it so bad! We've been married for almost 5 years and we've been ready for a baby for the last year. It was a really incredible experience finally realizing that it was time to start trying. Lewis had a year left working on his MBA. I had about 2 years left in the College of Education. We thought about waiting until after I had been teaching for a year, but against lots of very strong advice from my mother, we decided that waiting that long just wasn't for us. We were ready to begin. I still have a year left of school, but I'm due at the very beginning of January 2010 and all I will have left is my student teaching. As hard as it will be to have someone watch the baby while I'm student teaching, I can't imagine another way. Seeing how Lewis is so interested in being really involved and having time for himself and the baby, I know I'll be given lots of help to succeed in that last semester.

So many things go through your head when you find out you're pregnant. It took me a week or so before I even really allowed myself to be excited about it. So strange considering we had been trying and wanting it for so long. When I finally took those 3 consecutive positive home pregnancy tests, I still just wouldn't allow it to be real. I just didn't believe it! Now here we are, I've known for 3 weeks. We were going to wait until 12 weeks before telling our families, but I've been so nauseous and cranky and emotional that I just want them to know so that maybe I can explain why I'm acting so crazy.

We decided around the time we started trying that I didn't want to use medication at all during the delivery. I always think ahead and I wanted to go ahead and start preparing myself mentally for that experience. I've definitely had lots of people telling me that I'm crazy and that when I go into labor I'll be begging for an epidural. Honestly, I believe that my chances of that happening will be greatly reduced if I prepare myself ahead of time for no medication. Natural birth is just the only option that seems to fit with our family desires. So barring some major complications, that will remain the plan.

We also have decided to use a midwife rather than an OB. I have my first appointment on June 10. We have an ultrasound at 10am and then will meet with the midwife. I'm very excited and nervous about all of it! It's just so overwhelming to finally be here! I look forward to 7 more months of learning and growing - in more ways than 1 I guess!

We are telling our families tonight, so this blog, which is hidden from my profile right now, will be added tonight or tomorrow morning. If you've been following my regular blog, now maybe you'll be interested in a more personal side of me! I need to see if Jaye can make me a new logo that's a little more baby/mom related!
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