Sunday, October 11, 2009

12 weeks left!!

There are 12 weeks left until our due date!! That sounds like a long time, but it SOOO isn't!! Especially when you consider, this is what my schedule looks like...

Monday, Oct. 12 - Glucose test & RhoGAM shot (because I have Rh-negative blood!)
Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Literacy Resource Package due in Literacy class, Exam 2 in Science class
Wednesday, Oct. 14 - Other Source Lesson Plan Analysis due in Social Studies class
Sunday, Oct. 18 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Emily & Carol!!
Monday, Oct. 19 - My 5-week practicum begins for UK at Lansdowne Elementary!
Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit - Diana is coming with us this time because they're going to start talking about labor techniques!
Wednesday, Oct. 28 - 3d Ultrasound!!
Friday, Oct. 30 - Family Communication Project due by email for Literacy class
Wednesday, Nov. 4 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Friday, Nov. 13 - Lesson Plan #2 due by email for Literacy class, Elementary Student Assessment due for Science class
Sunday, Nov. 15 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Diana!!
Wednesday, Nov. 18 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Friday, Nov. 20 - Last day of my 5-week practicum for UK! - Also the night I go to see New Moon in theaters!!!
Saturday, Nov. 21 - BABY SHOWER thrown by Gloria & Suzanne!!
Monday/Tuesday, Nov. 23 & 24 - Everything is due for my UK practicum - lesson plans, assessment projects, etc. Craziness!!
Wednesday, Nov. 25 - Dad's Birthday!
Thursday, Nov. 26 - THANKSGIVING!!
Monday, Nov. 30 - Assessment Project & Textbook Analysis due for Math class
Tuesday, Dec. 1 - Assessment Project Artifacts due for Literacy class
Wednesday, Dec. 2 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Monday, Dec. 7 - Family History Project due in Social Studies class (review due 12/9)
Wednesday, Dec. 9 - Professional Development Forms & Binder Check due for Math class
Thursday, Dec. 10 - Assessment Project Case Report due for Literacy class, Unit Fair Share for Practicum block due
Wednesday, Dec. 16 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit
Thursday, Dec. 17 - My last final for the semester!!
Saturday, Dec. 19 - Isis is considered full-term, although not the official due date. Some sources say she is considered full term on Dec. 15.
Wednesday, Dec. 30 - Centering Class/Prenatal Visit - You know, if she's not here yet...

In case you haven't already noticed, I kinda made that list for my own benefit & not for yours. But still, you can see what my schedule looks like before baby!! And I still have to fit in time to organize & clean to get ready for her!!

So let's just pray that I don't get sick in the next 12 weeks!!! I don't have time to slow down!!!

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