Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ring Slings & Baby Legs!

My friend Lauren has a website & blog for moms & I love it! She shares lots of cool advice & information! She is a doula & she teaches pregnancy & childbirth classes at Baby Moon. She uses cloth diapers & has 2 beautiful little girls! Check out her website!

She shared her favorite Sling - the LilPeeperKeepers ring slings!! I love them!! We went to lunch the other day & she had hers with her & I absolutely fell in love with it! She was able to have her hands free while still carrying her daughter & on top of that, her baby girl looked so happy & comfortable in the sling! I want one so bad!!! Check them out here!! (And if anyone in my family is reading this & is interested in buying me one, I like the Midnight one!!)

Image Source
I also really love the BabyLegs leg warmers for kids!! They are so cute & they provide warmth & protection for knees when babies are crawling around! Look how cute that little boy in leg warmers (& a cloth diaper!!) looks! I just think they're adorable!

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Mama Smors said...

sling- love it! used our maya wrap all the time!
warmers- love them too! never had any the first time around but plan on it the second time!

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