Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Registering Questions

What makes a certain travel system better than another one? What should I be looking for? I know to look for the weight of the stroller & the weight of baby that the carseat/carrier fits, but what else? I looked at the Chicco one that Morganne said she has! It looks great to me! But so does the Graco Metrolite. What makes them different? And why are some travel systems super cheap while others are more expensive?

Also what about cribs? What makes one better than another one?

Oh and did you all use the crib all the time or did you get a bassinet or a Moses basket or a Pack 'n Play? I just don't know what I need or don't need. Like what would you say you registered for that you didn't end up needing or using a lot? Or what did you not register for because you didn't think you would need it but then you did? Or what did you skip registering because you knew it wasn't necessary and you were right - it really wasn't?

I just don't get it yet. I'm not sure what to look for and I have lots of questions!

Eeeek! haha I'm still excited about figuring it all out though!! And I'll appreciate advice!!


Mama Smors said...

I don't know about much.... I read safety reviews for the carseat thing. I have a graco and loved it!
We had a small house and only needed a crib. Ivy slept some in the swing or bouncy seat if we needed her to be closer to us than her crib. Or sometimes we just liked to hold her :) Imagine that!! Can't wait til your baby gets here! Beautiful Isis!

Morganne said...

We used a bassinet (really it was a baby basket) until Gunnar was about 2 months old. He slept in the room with us until then. We have a Pack 'n' Play, but it stays at Peter's parents. We don't use it at the house. I would suggest registering for things you will need in the future, which I didn't. I didn't register for a shopping cart cover, which I ended up buying myself and use all the time! I have a Buggy Bagg, which is amazing!

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